Dear Guests, Turkey’s sole flagship carrier, Turkish Airlines has completed a year chock full of successes. We are going to continue our innovations and services in 2006 as well, in the strength that we derive from you and the pleasure that is the reward of our efforts. As we do so, we are also going to set our sights even higher to consolidate our place among the world’s top airlines.

Our aim is to become not just a ‘regional power’ but a ‘global trademark’ in civil aviation. We are therefore developing a realistic and long-range vision in every area of flight services as we realize one by one every initiative that we have included in our program, all within a friendly spirit of competition at the international level. We have already shared with you the news that we will be introducing flights to new destinations in 2006 with our youthful fleet, which is being upgraded and modernized by the addition of new airplanes. It gave us great pleasure in January to inaugurate the fourth of those new destinations, all of which have been carefully planned following thorough analyses. You may now fly direct to four capitals, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and San’a (Yemen) under the Turkish Airlines guarantee. These new routes are going to be followed by still others in February. We at Turkish Airlines are happy to share with you our pride as we fulfill an important responsibility through these flights, which we believe will enhance the bonds of brotherhood and friendship as well as strengthening economic and social ties between countries.
But our highest aim is to enhance the pleasure of you, our esteemed passengers, to the highest possible level. We would like to thank you for the intense interest you showed in the ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ that we conducted last month for the purpose of determining your expectations and recommendations in order that we might serve you better. Based on the results of that survey, ‘flight safety’ heads the list of your reasons for choosing Turkish Airlines. This is followed by our ‘being a national airline’, ‘experience’, ‘availability of direct flights’, ‘convenient arrival and departure times’, and ‘quality of service during boarding and flight’. When asked if they would choose Turkish Airlines again, a large majority of respondents answered “Yes”.
For our part, we are going to make the best possible use of the results of this survey, to which you responded in such detail. For we believe that the passengers who choose us always deserve the very best. Besides the spanking new types of aircraft that are beginning to join our fleet, our revolutionary innovations in in-cabin services and the wide range of fares we offer for our passengers’ benefit, we are also launching several more surprise initiatives. For we know that our historic mission compels us to be ‘different’ in every way.
I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board