Dear Guests, As Turkey’s one and only flagship carrier, Turkish Airlines has just completed a success-filled year and is already surpassing itself by further developing its new-year goals in order to consolidate its place among the world’s leading airline companies. Naturally the real purpose of those goals is to enhance the pleasure of you, our valued passengers, to the highest possible level.

With its strong past and experienced staff, Turkish Airlines represents Turkey all over the world. Parallel with our physical growth, we are also further improving the quality of service we provide to our guests with every passing day.

As we move forward towards our goal of becoming one of the world’s top ten airlines, we are increasing our seat capacity on the one hand by the addition of new aircraft to our fleet while on the other continuing to expand our flight network. Our flights, which currently go to 79 points abroad, are going to bring Turkey and the world even closer in the new year with the addition of 24 new destinations in the first half of 2006. Having completed 2005 with a total of approximately 15 million passengers, we plan to bring the figure up to

20 million in the year ahead.

What’s more, Turkish Airlines also has a new look in 2006 thanks to the new exterior and interior design of our planes and the innovations in our refreshment and meal service. Our new destinations and the alternatives we offer in fares and flight times are the key to achieving the targets we have set for ourselves.

Cognizant of the fact that we operate in the service sector, we try to take into account all the criticisms and suggestions of our passengers and to order our work accordingly. We are therefore striving together as a team to find solutions to the problems that we occasionally cause you quite unintentionally.

In particular, Turkish Airlines is taking serious measures in the new year to prevent the delays that were so often experienced in the year just past. We have, for example, opened a special terminal for the use of our international passengers at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport. From now on international passengers will complete their security check, check-in, and passport control in a special area reserved for Turkish Airlines. We have done our duty and taken these measures because we want to avoid causing our passengers any grief in the new year.

Having set itself the goal of becoming a ‘global trademark’, Turkish Airlines is moving confidently along the path towards becoming a reliable and friendly airline with a smile for all the international passengers who choose it for their travels. Not content with merely offering service, we operate in an awareness of our social responsibility as well. Within this framework we intend to continue our sponsorship of international projects in 2006.

As we carry passengers to their desired destinations with the Turkish Airlines guarantee, we also try to earn our customers’ satisfaction through the quality of service we provide. In realizing our goals, I am fully aware of the contributions of you, our esteemed passengers who choose us for your travels, as well as those of our dedicated Turkish Airlines personnel. On behalf of the Turkish Airlines family, I would therefore like to wish all of you a new year full of good things and a pleasant Kurban Bayram holiday.


Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.

CEO and Member of the Board