Dear Guests, At its 62nd meeting in Paris on 4-6 June this year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) elected a Turkish Airlines’ executive to its board of directors for the first time.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my happiness in being chosen to be a board member of this most prestigious organization of the air transport sector with approximately 260 members and an annual turnover of 400 billion dollars. Turkish Airlines’ participation on the IATA board will not only contribute to promoting our Company globally, but will also enable us to play a more effective role in the sector. While passenger transport capacity is rising by five percent annually in the world aviation sector, at Turkish Airlines the growth rate is twenty percent. Through alliances with the world’s other large airlines, we aim to further boost our capacity to 14 million passengers in 2005 and turn Istanbul into an international connecting center. We are currently engaged in an exchange of ideas on the subject with IATA, with whom we are also taking up issues such as flight safety, e-tickets and quality improvement.
As of June 2006 we had introduced all 24 of the new routes that we announced at the beginning of the year. We believe that we have realized our most important mission at Turkish Airlines through the introduction of these flights, which we are confident will enhance bonds of friendship and brotherhood and consolidate cultural and economic ties between nations.
Getting positive results from our efforts and sharing them with you gives us great pleasure. While Association of European Airlines (AEA)-member airlines boosted the number of passengers on their regular scheduled flights by 6.4 percent on average during April 2006 over the same period last year, at Turkish Airlines we increased ours by 26.9 percent, putting our Company in second place among 27 airlines according to the AEA report. The same report also cites Turkish Airlines as having the lowest rate of baggage loss among 22 airlines during May 2006, again putting it in second place. Furthermore, our Airline achieved an on-time takeoff rate of 89.5 percent on short and medium range flights among 25 airlines, and 80.4 percent on long-range flights among 18 airlines. And in June of this year our Airline set a record by carrying 62,400 passengers in one day for the first time in its history.
Our highest goal at Turkish Airlines is to maximize your pleasure and improve the quality of the services we provide. Our efforts regarding the ‘National Quality Movement’, which we shared with you in previous issues, were concluded in June. Turkish Airlines, which aims to raise its quality to the highest possible level in all its units, has earned an ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate. Through this certificate, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction while achieving sustained growth and zero-tolerance for error. We are going to continue to strive to raise our existing quality to even greater heights. The National Quality Movement represents continuity; our Company is therefore proud of demonstrating once again its determination to adopt the basic concepts of perfection, translate them into reality and ensure their continuity.
I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.

CEO and Member of the Board