Dear Guests, Our passengers are well aware of the importance of a tranquil and pleasant environment not only during flight but at the airport prior to boarding as well.

We have therefore added a new link this month to our existing chain of services. Our new CIP Lounge, built by TAV Investment Holding and managed by TAV ‘primeclass’ CIP services, is opening in May at the Departure Terminal of Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Business Class passengers and holders of our Frequent Flyer Program ‘Miles&Smiles’ Elite and Elite Plus cards, as well as employee-members of the Corporate Incentive Program, may enjoy our CIP Lounge, which we have renovated completely to provide maximum pre-flight comfort for our passengers traveling abroad. Designed by architect Dara Kırmızıtoprak, our new CIP Lounge covers a 1,400 square-meter area and has a 385-person seating capacity. TAV ‘primeclass’ management services, which operates Atatürk Airport’s Domestic CIP Lounge, has undertaken the construction and management of the new lounge as well, thereby further consolidating its existing cooperation with Turkish Airlines.
As promised, we are also continuing to add new destinations to our flight network. Starting in June you will be able to fly direct with Turkish Airlines’ confidence to three major cities: Minsk, the capital of Belarus; Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city; and Osaka, one of Japan’s major cities. With the inauguration of these flights, we will have completed our project and fulfilled the pledge expressed in our slogan, ‘24 new routes’. We believe that we have accomplished an important mission by introducing these flights, which we believe will further enhance cultural and economic relations as well as bonds of brotherhood and friendship between nations.
Global economic developments compel the world’s largest companies to restructure as independent units, thereby creating separate legal entities that function more efficiently and can respond more quickly to the demands and developments of their sectors. The world’s leading airlines have all completed this process. We would also like to share with you the founding within Turkish Airlines of Turkish Technic, Inc., which has been formed to sustain the concepts of quality and productivity in the aviation sector. Thanks to the synergy created by this restructuring, both Turkish Airlines and Turkish Technic, Inc. are going to perform even more successfully, raising their existing quality to even higher levels to become more competitive globally and enter the ranks of the world’s top airlines. Our Company’s recent successful public offering is the best indicator of our future and the realization of a dream we have nurtured for many years. The eagerness both of our employees and of the Turkish people to purchase our Company’s shares is proof of the strong sense of confidence they feel in Turkish Airlines. Our burgeoning success is at the same time your success. With your continued support, we shall rise to even higher levels.
I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.

CEO and Member of the Board