Confidence, Attentiveness And A Smiling Face

Airline companies all purchase the same type of planes. Their interiors and exteriors are all alike. The only difference is in the name that is painted on the tail.

So do passengers make their choice among the different airlines based simply on the color of the paint? Why is it that passengers tend to do business with a certain airline and become attached to it?
The reason for this is three factors that are of the utmost importance for airline passengers: confidence, attentiveness and a smiling face. It is differences in these three factors that determine a passenger’s choice of airline. And sustaining that difference is what ensures a passenger’s enduring attachment or loyalty to a particular airline.
In the case of Turkish Airlines, its long years of experience and the quality of the services it provides to passengers are what account for its difference and therefore underlie its success.
Confidence, attentiveness and a smiling face mean that the human element takes precedence. For all three depend not on money but on people.
With its quality aircraft maintenance and experienced flight personnel, Turkish Airlines has earned the confidence of its passengers both at home and abroad as a reliable airline.
The attentiveness and smiling faces of the ground and flight personnel differ somehow from those of other airlines.
I’ve been ‘hooked’ on Turkish Airlines for fifty years. Like most people, fifty years ago I chose Turkish Airlines because it was our national carrier, and why should I fly on foreign planes? But within a very short time Turkish Airlines was successful enough to compete with its powerful competitors abroad.
Because of my confidence in Turkish Airlines, the attentiveness shown on board and the smiling faces of its personnel, I never choose other airlines for my travels nowadays.
As the flight begins, and indeed throughout the flight, the captain keeps the passengers informed, even going so far as to stroll through the aisle with a smile on his face greeting them. I can’t over-emphasize how important this is to me.
Once I’ve taken my seat, I start observing the service personnel and their team captain. Since I’m not interested in eating or drinking on board, I have no expectations of the service crew on that score. My only expectation is that they attend to the passengers with a smiling face.
Turkish Airlines has always exercised the utmost care in selecting its flight crews and ground and service personnel. These are what have earned Turkish Airlines my loyalty. Even more so when I encounter former students of mine among them. It makes me very happy when they greet me as ‘Prof’.
I travel frequently both in Turkey and abroad for business as well as for pleasure. No matter where I’m headed, I always choose Turkish Airlines for my trips because of the confidence Turkish Airlines employees instil in me, the interest they take in their passengers and, most of all, their smiling faces.