Welcome Aboard

Dear Guests, In the firm conviction that flying should be the province of one and all, we at Turkish Airlines are pursuing our efforts to make this opportunity available to an ever broader mass of people.

In addition to the discounts we already offered on domestic flights throughout the month of Ramazan, we have now introduced reduced fares starting from TL 69 on certain routes. And to enable people in different age groups to fly at more reasonable prices, our airline also decided to begin applying discounts on all full-fare tickets for domestic flights. These apply to students under 25, seniors 65 and up, and children aged 3-12, and are available in all classes and to all points in Turkey.
Every month on this page we try to share with you the efforts we are engaged in, the success we have attained, and our ongoing progress. Here at Turkish Airlines we follow the latest developments in science and technology, which we are eager to pass on to you, our valued passengers. For we know that whoever cannot keep pace with progress is doomed to be left behind in life. This year we are celebrating the fifth and tenth anniversaries of our entry into cyberspace. Our passengers have been able to make reservations on our website, www.thy.com, since 1997. And on 25 September 2001 we chalked up a first in Turkish civil aviation history by introducing ticket sales over the internet.
In a series of innovations, we have continued to offer you even more conveniences on our website over the past five years. First, we made various methods of payment available. At this moment, when you purchase a ticket on our website, you can pay either by credit card, EFT/Transfer or internet banking. Not only that but, if you wish, you can simply make a reservation and turn it into a ticket at any Turkish Airlines sales office. Under IATA regulations, all airline ticket sales will have to take the form of electronic tickets by the year 2007. At this moment almost all the tickets sold over www.thy.com are e-tickets. As an innovative cyberworld sales portal, www.thy.com has therefore already fulfilled its requirements in this area. Problems of lost or torn tickets have become a thing of the past. What’s more, since passengers don’t incur the cost of a ticket printed on paper, they can travel at more reasonable fares. But perhaps the greatest convenience offered by www.thy.com, and one that needs to be underscored, is that you can now complete all your pre-flight procedures from the comfort of your own chair, whether at home or in the office. Imagine what a great time-saving advantage this means in an age when time is all.
Visited by tens of thousands of internet users daily, www.thy.com addresses passengers in sixteen different languages, and we are planning to add even more languages in the months ahead. Our website, which offers a number of conveniences from on-line ticket sales to printouts of boarding passes, lights our way, and will continue to do so, as Turkish Airlines redoubles its turnover every year to become the leader in its region, a player in the world civil aviation sector, and a global airline.