Being part of the Skylife family...

I could hardly wait to get my hands on the new puzzle every month. I'd read a little in it on every flight. I'd always be annoyed if I saw it stuck upside down in the seat pocket and would straighten it out immediately... Skylife magazine. At the time I never realized I'd end up seeing more of it than even the planes, or my uniform.

Those were the days when I was a new hostess and had a lot of flights. Whenever I started wondering aloud how many more places there were to go, people would inevitably tease me saying, “You're not tired of it yet?” When I think back to it now, I realize that flying is a difficult profession to describe and that only those who are in it can really understand each other. In the days when I was a hostess, my friends would all tease me for earning a living from gallivanting around the globe. “You're right,” I would answer, a little crestfallen. “And I hope I always will.” Now when I see a plane in the sky or, more often, hear one from my bed at night, I always think of its cabin crew and hope they reach their destination safe and sound.
For me, joining the Skylife team after being a hostess was a little like getting behind the camera. During my thirteen years as a hostess I had always checked to make sure there was a clean copy in every seat pocket, looked to see if the crossword had been worked or not, made sure new copies were in place on the return flight, in short I'd been part of the Skylife process way back then. It was exciting and fun, if at times a bit stressful, for our little team to check over the issue before and after publication, to plan delivery and distribution, to follow up on the ads, to prepare the Turkish Airlines pages, to pass along the photographs, letters and suggestions that reached us from all over Turkey to the publisher, Diskus Yayıncılık, in short, to sustain a mutual flow of information. To await delivery of the new issue on the last day of each month and peruse a fresh copy the first day of the next. To be one of the hundreds of people who help put together Skylife magazine. Talking, discussing, rejoicing, criticizing, and feeling it all anew every month. I was a lucky duck.
The writers, editors and photographers, the advertisers and ad agencies, the publishers, the distributors, the airport employees, the cleaning crews and handlers, the Turkish Airlines personnel... Thanks to their magic touch, their enthusiasm and their dedication, Skylife has been appearing every month without interruption since 1983 and is proud to be the highest-circulation magazine in Turkey.
This success is due to our valuable passengers and readers, both in Turkey and abroad, who follow Skylife closely, who express their pleasure in it and are unstinting in their good wishes, who ring us up or send us e-mails or letters every month requesting a copy, whose enjoyment gives us pride, who expand our horizons with their ideas and suggestions, and who help us reduce our mistakes to a minimum through their complaints and criticisms. Skylife, which is published with no compromise on quality thanks to our valuable advertisers, who back us by running their ads even in hard times, and to their customers. And to the thousands of people who strive to bring you an ever more quality magazine that you can read with pleasure and take with you.