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We live in an age in which knowledge is power, speed is money, and content rules. An age in which acronyms like www, html, blog, VoIP and mp3 are commonplace.

And if you can’t keep up, you’re out of the loop. These days we are celebrating the 5th and 10th anniversaries of two milestones in Turkish Airlines’ journey to the ‘Cyber Continent’. Ten years ago, on a cold December day, Turkish Airlines (THY) entered the cyberworld by starting up its own website. And on 25 September 2001 the airline set a record in the country’s civil aviation history by offering ticket sales on line.
Turkish Airlines has added a lot more new things in those five years as part of its ongoing efforts to bring more conveniences to its passengers. First, a variety of payment alternatives were made available. At this moment when you purchase a ticket over the airline website at www.thy.com, you can either pay by credit card or EFT/Money Order, or you can make your payment over the Garanti Bank website. Or, you can simply make your reservation on line and turn it into a ticket at any Turkish Airlines sales office. Under IATA rules, all airlines will be required to sell only electronic tickets by the end of 2007. At this moment almost all tickets bought on www.thy.com are already e-tickets. What’s more, since e-tickets don’t involve the cost of paper tickets, passengers can travel at more reasonable prices. But perhaps the biggest advantage offered by Turkish Airlines, and one which should be underscored, is that you can now complete all your pre-flight procedures from either your office or your home without ever having to leave your warm chair. After you purchase your ticket, you can also choose your seat on the on-line check-in page. You can even print out your boarding pass immediately on your own printer, so that you can proceed directly to boarding upon arrival at the airport without any further check-in procedures required.  Let’s say you’re on an international flight. Even the food to be served is going to be your taste. How? Because you will choose it yourself from the menu when purchasing your ticket on line. Imagine what an enormous advantage and time savings this offers in a day and age when time is the most important thing in life. E-Commerce offers you the chance of comparing comforts, advantages, speed and prices, and all this is already a reality on the Turkish Airlines website.
The volume of world e-Commerce in 2006 has been estimated at around US$210 billion. So, do you know how much of this is going to be generated by the travel sector? US$73.4 billion! Yes, almost one-third of total turnover is expected to derive from traveling customers. The ‘Network carrier’, to which Turkish Airlines also belongs, is trying to boost internet sales through customer satisfaction and cost targets. This group of the world’s leading airline companies have raised their targets for on-line sales to fifty percent of total turnover. Many airlines are not hesitating to make investments of hundreds of millions of dollars in developing e-Commerce. While some 80-85 percent of airplane tickets were sold through general distribution systems until ten years ago, parallel with the spread of the internet and airlines setting up their own websites, these sales are down to around fifty percent today. The cyberworld’s innovative sales channel, www.thy.com, which addresses Turkish Airlines passengers in sixteen languages, is already visited by tens of thousands of internet users every day, and this number is expected to rise even higher in the months ahead. The site, which offers countless advantages from ticket sales to the printing of boarding passes, continues to be the bright and shining light on the road towards Turkish Airlines doubling its turnover annually and becoming ‘a leader in its region, a top player in the world civil aviation market, and a global airline’.