Looking at life from between the clouds

The minute the plane leaves the ground I get in touch with life.

As the giant metal bird takes off, I put on my ‘life’ spectacles that allow me to see with my heart. Those moments are a perfect opportunity for questioning the meaning of life, for endowing it with inner meaning, even if only theoretically. The views that you see from only one angle when you’re on the ground, views that change every time you look through a different window, lie before you now in a single piece.
And as I look at them from between the clouds, I realize once again that there is absolutely no end to learning about life; that most of the time what we see and feel is nothing but an illusion. Not real - neither in the sense it has for us, nor in the value we attribute to it, nor in its actual dimensions... And the tragic part of it is that our lives pass in such a mad rush that we have neither the time nor the energy to sit down and think about these things. Nevertheless, minute by minute, day by day, our lives are diminishing, and life is something that we must, as the poet says, ‘live in all its passionate intensity’. How can we live life in all its intensity when we haven’t a clue what it means?

So my heart tells me; but here, I have neither jobs to finish, places to go, nor promises to keep. So why not question life a little further?
Little by little everything gets smaller. Houses, trees, cars, roads, people. And yet you know that those little things fill up great huge spaces down below. People have forgotten that they are a part of the whole and yet don’t amount to even a tiny dot within it. Why then does man, who occupies not even a tiny dot within the whole, have so much sadness, grief and disappointment? Could it be that one of the things we have forgotten, one of the things we fail to see, is that rank and position are transitory and that all that really matters, what makes us who we are, is what we carry in our hearts and minds? The truth is that real strength comes from love, that we will never find peace of mind without embracing the world with the light of genuine love.

The higher you rise, the better you see the meaninglessness of the value people place on the ranks and titles that follow their names.
And I recall Mevlânâ’s lines: “Come, come over, come closer. / Wherefore this brigandage? / Wherefore this warfare, this strife? / You are me, I am you. / Why this resistance? Why? / Why does light flee the light? Why? / We are all one single mature person. / Why have we become so cross-eyed? Why? // From the five senses, from the six directions / draw all your being to oneness. / Come to yourself, leave the ego behind, far away; / join with people / be one with them. / The minute you do you are a mineral, a great sea. / By yourself you are a drop, a tiny grain...”
Didn’t I tell you? The minute the plane leaves the ground I get in touch with life...
May you always stay in touch with life...