Welcome Aboard

Dear guests, A year ago on this page I shared with you the news that a Turkish executive of Turkish Airlines had for the first time been elected a member of the board of directors of IATA at its 62nd meeting held in Paris.

This year the same organization held its board of directors meeting and 63rd congress in the Canadian city of Vancouver. The congress, which took place immediately following the meeting of the board of directors of IATA, which has upwards of 270 member airlines, was attended by more than 700 company executives from all over the world. The main topics of discussion at the meeting, where key decisions are taken regarding the aviation sector, included the implementation of e-tickets, the IOSA audit, the inception of studies to implement an IOSA-style audit for companies providing ground services, simplification of the airline business, and environmental issues. It was pointed out in the opening address that the aviation sector, which has an annual turnover of 400 billion dollars, this year will make a profit of 5 billion dollars for the first time since 2001. Airport security procedures and studies on the environment and emissions were among the other topics taken up at the congress.
I am proud and happy to share with you on behalf of Turkish Airlines another piece of good news that was announced at the meeting: Istanbul is going to host the members of IATA for its 2008 meeting. Impressed by the Istanbul promotional film shown and the presentation made at the meeting, the company executives said they would be eagerly awaiting the meeting to be held in Istanbul even as journalists from the various countries of the world were already conveying their congratulations in the wake of the talk. Here at Turkish Airlines we feel honored that IATA's 64th meeting is going to be held in Istanbul, a modern connecting point linking Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
With an annual growth rate of 20 percent over the past four years, Turkish Airlines has pursued its path by adopting the principle of becoming number one in service quality. We believe that with our cultural diversity and our long history of service in the world aviation sector we are going to make valuable contributions, and we are therefore looking forward with impatience and enthusiasm to hosting the close to 2000 guests from over 270 airlines at the IATA meeting, the first of its kind to be held in Turkey.
The realization of this congress in Turkey is going to enable our country and our Airline to promote themselves globally while also enhancing our effectiveness in the sector. We are aiming to further increase our passenger transport capacity, which was 17 million in 2006, through alliances with the world's other large airlines and to turn Istanbul into an international connection point in air transport. The best example of this is that Turkish Airlines is already the most important player in the civil aviation sector, which has rapidly increased its number of passengers since 2003. Transporting 10 million passengers in 2003, four years later it has raised this number to 20 million. Turkish Airlines, which broke a record last year at the start of the high season on 24 June by carrying 60 thousand passengers in one day on 500 flights domestic and international, has already surpassed that number this year. Our new target is to transport 80 thousand passengers a day in the high season; and our highest goal is to sustain in 2007 the success that we achieved in each of the last three years when our seat occupancy rate rose from around 68% to 75%. It gives our Company pride and pleasure to continue moving forward in the skies with the support and confidence of you, our valued passengers, whose contributions have made us what we are today. I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board