Dear guests, We are starting the peak season with the pride and happiness we derive from having put another success-filled year behind us and with the strength we always derive from you, our valuable passengers.

We take your every criticism seriously. I have already shared with you that we have begun to reap the rewards of our concerted efforts to take off on time and the good news that we came in second among Europe’s top ten airlines in this category. As part of our customer-oriented approach we are setting up a new working group to preserve the gains we have made so far and take our on-time takeoff/landing performance even higher. Our goal is to determine the requisite conditions for carrying out a ‘Precise On-time Operation'. Bearing in mind the increasing traffic at traffic-intensive Istanbul Airport, which is our home base, we realize the necessity of working hard to preserve our success and make it even better. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of raising our last year’s on-time takeoff/landing performance of 84% to 85% and higher this year. In line with this goal the members of our working group are going to study ways of improving our performance.
Esteemed passengers, in addition to these successes, our Company also succeeded in capturing first place in Europe among the member airlines of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) in Operational Safety Level. The safety of Turkish Airlines’ planes, which are maintained by our own Turkish Technic, Inc., was therefore documented once again. As proof that Turkish Airlines, which regards flight safety as a basic priority, is a reliable trademark worldwide, this result is another success story of our Company’s employees. And underlying it is Turkish Airlines’ strong Technical Safety Control Program.
Our efforts in the areas of training and quality, the key factors for insuring flight safety, are continuing apace. Our Company, which targets five-star quality in cabin services, is introducing a new coaching system aimed at insuring continuity by passing along to young people the experience and knowhow of our seasoned cabin personnel.
With a long-standing history in civil aviation, our Company this year celebrated the 74th anniversary of its founding in a series of special activities. First, our executives and employees came together on 18 May in the garden of our Executive Office Building for a Turkish Airlines festival. Then, on 20 May our executives met with Turkish Airlines ground personnel from 68 countries at Taksim Square, where they laid a wreath on the monument to Turkey’s Great Leader, Atatürk, founder of our Airline, and observed a moment of silence. The celebration continued with another Turkish Airlines festival on the evening of 20 May and a concert by the doyenne of Turkish pop singers, Sezen Aksu. Turkish Airlines’ employees and their families and friends sang along with the singer at the concert.
As we never tire of saying, here at Turkish Airlines we are pursuing with all our might our efforts to offer our passengers safe, comfortable and higher quality service, while at the same time further developing our goals so as to consolidate our position among the world’s top airlines.
I wish you all a pleasant flight and a good summer.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board