Welcome Aboard

Dear Guests, We at Turkish Airlines are proud to be further consolidating our position among the world's airlines with each passing day. The pride and happiness this brings also gives us heart for what we plan to accomplish in the future.

Skytrax is a firm that assesses airlines and airports in terms of their quality standards and the services they provide. Recently the firm raised Turkish Airlines to four stars, putting us among the most prestigious names in world aviation. Our next quality target is to become Europe's first five-star airline.  In line with your opinions and suggestions we are going to continue our efforts not to compromise quality through our volunteer observer and mystery shopper programs as well as through the in-flight surveys we conduct. We have already reaped the benefits of those efforts in the results of the Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME). Monitoring trends in customer satisfaction over time, TMME provides key information regarding customer loyalty and its related parameters, profitability and competitiveness. This year for the first time TMME assessed the aviation sector. And the results, released by the KalDer Quality Association, show that Turkish Airlines is number one.

Here at Turkish Airlines we have carried out a number of projects to further enhance the satisfaction of our customers. We review our situation every day and strive continuously to develop ourselves. Another recent success has to do with our in-flight services. The results of this year's 19th annual 'Avion Awards', which are given for in-flight services, were announced recently. Conducted by Skytrax and the WAEA, two of the world's most respected consultancy and inspection firms, the voting took place on-line over their joint website with participation by airline passengers around the world. And Turkish Airlines came in third.

As you know, our airline has introduced the AVOD digital system for in-flight entertainment on its A-330 and A-340 aircraft, which operate on long-haul flights. The system enables Business Class passengers to choose the application they want by remote control, while Economy Class passengers have the option of using either remote control or a touch screen. Furthermore, the entertainment menu offers passengers a choice of 40 different channels with close to 30 films, cartoons and documentaries, a 250-CD album with music of all kinds, and continuously updated news texts as well as game channels. Passengers can also send electronic mail and enjoy text messaging.

While these successes are indication enough that we are on the right path, I would nevertheless like to share with you that these developments were realized thanks to our superior quality and that you, our valued customers and personnel, had a big hand in that success.

As employees of a successful airline, we take great pleasure in passing along our good news to you every month. In an important innovation, we added flights between Istanbul and Medina to our winter timetable on 30 October. With the addition of this route, Turkish Airlines has raised its international flight destinations to 107. In the first nine months of the year we also increased our number of passengers 15 million by 15.5% over the same period last year.

But these are not all of our efforts. We are going to continue to share many new projects and programs with you in the months ahead, right up to the end of the year. I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board