Welcome Aboard

Dear guests, Raising its level of quality and performance higher by the year, Turkish Airlines continues to take firm steps towards becoming Europe's fastest growing and most efficient airline.

Now, at the end of the busy summer season, we at Turkish Airlines are making fast-paced preparations for implementing the changes we've been planning over the past year in our winter timetable, effective at the end of the next month, so as to be able to offer you even better travel. We are filled with anticipation. We would like to point out that not only are we going to add more new destinations to the 24 new international destinations we added at this time last year, we are also going to increase the number of flights on our existing domestic routes. What's more, we are going to assess the recommendations coming from you, our valuable passengers, as well as contributing to the national economy.

We are filled with conviction and hope that 2008 is going to be a very significant year for Turkish Airlines and for the aviation sector.

Substantially increasing its number of passengers every year, Turkish Airlines is, as you know, attracting the attention of the world aviation sector. As a result, here at Turkish Airlines we have decided to enter into a cooperation with the airline alliances to generate solutions to our passengers' growing needs. We have also engaged in an initiative to secure important benefits for our passengers, such as the opportunity to fly to more points worldwide and to earn and spend miles on other alliance-member airlines, as well as certain privileges in Business Class including access to CIP Lounges. Our entry into the Star Alliance, one of the world's leading airline alliances, negotiations on which have been under way for almost two years, will be complete in the first quarter of the next year. During the process of preparation for, and harmonization with, the alliance, various harmonization projects in areas such as information technology infrastructure, marketing, sales, customer services and ground operations have developed positively, and we are impatient to share these positive developments with you in the period ahead. For they will enable you, our valuable passengers, to travel to many points around the world on a single ticket. Furthermore, the IATA meeting, the heartbeat of world aviation, is going to be held in Istanbul this year. We have already started our preparations for this enormous event, which is not only going to promote Turkey, but also make an enormous contribution to the Turkish aviation sector and to the country's global economic status. That a major organization like IATA has entrusted its meeting to Turkish Airlines is further proof of the prominent and respected position our Company, and Turkey, have reached in the world.

Throughout the month of Ramazan, we will be offering reduced fares starting at TL 79 on all domestic flights. We hope in this way to enable you to be reunited with your loved ones more easily, more comfortably and with less hassle. I would like to wish all of you a happy and healthy month of Ramazan and a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board