Dear Guests, With the growth of our fleet and ground services, Turkish Airlines has become one of the airline industry's global companies, and having elevated its service quality, it is trusted and held in high esteem internationally.

I would like to make clear that the Turkish Airlines family's efforts to increase our growth and service quality continues without any loss in pace. To be able to offer our passengers new flight opportunities, we both launched new routes and at the same time icreased the frequency of flights on existing routes. Last month, with the inauguration of reciprocal flights between Istanbul and Sinop on three days of the week, the number of our domestic destination points rose to 33. We've started a complimentary new service for our transit passengers arriving at Istanbul on international flights. For our passengers who have enough time between transit flights, we are offering a special enjoyable tour of Istanbul. The professionally guided tours include a lunch and visits to Istanbul's most important historical and touristic places, as well as transport in comfortable vehicles. The Istanbul tour offers a chance for our passengers to discover Istanbul and to have a good time amongst its splendid historic and touristic attractions rather than waiting at a hotel. As we strive to offer you more comfortable opportunities for travel, in order to contribute to our foreign trade and national economy, we also carry cargo in the cargo compartments of our passenger aircraft, as well as on our cargo planes, over a wide flight network extending from the Far East to America and from Europe to the Middle East and Africa.

Parallel to the growth of the market, as of November 2004 Turkish Airlines initiated great progress in its cargo operations by adding a 38 ton capacity A310 cargo plane to its fleet.

THY Cargo increased its capacity considerably by adding to its fleet a second A310 cargo plane in November 2007 and a third A310 cargo plane in April 2008. In addition to scheduled cargo flights, THY Cargo also accomodates demand for charter cargo flights.

With the addition of a fourth A310-300 cargo plane to our fleet in December 2008 and the subsequent addition of Madrid, Moscow, Amman and Cairo to the cargo flight network, and by further increasing the frequency of flights, we will have met all of the cargo carrying demands of our exporters and importers. Despite intense competition, customer satisfaction as a result of the service quality offered by THY Cargo led to a 15 percent increase in 2007 cargo revenue, and again, with the endorsement of our valued customers, we were able to achieve a 25 percent increase in cargo revenue in the first half of 2008.