Traveling to the Olympics with Turkish Airlines

As everyone knows, the most splendid and magnificent sports event in the world, the Olympics, is going to start on August 8th in an approximately 100,000-person stadium with a spectacular ceremony that will also be watched on television by billions of people.

The Turkish National Olympics team of athletes and directors will be traveling this time to Beijing, as always, on Turkish Airlines. I and our Minister of Sport, Mr Murat Başesgioğlu, are also going to go and return on this fabulous airline.

I said 'fabulous' and I meant it. As a man who flies 80,000 miles a year on average, I stand by my choice of words. I am truly proud of Turkish Airlines for becoming one of the best airlines in the world in such a short time. For me flying is a pleasure. And that's exactly why I love Turkish Airlines. The friendly faces I see the minute I board the plane, the caring attention I receive, the sense of belonging I feel as I  take my seat. It is truly like a dream. First a feeling of comfort and confidence pervades you because you're flying with a new fleet with the latest in airplane technology. Then you start to read the papers. But in front of you an insistent screen with news, maps and a selection of films lures you away from your  paper. And, believe me, for a man like myself who has spent forty years in the media business, that's saying something! You are of course served refreshments depending on the length of your flight. And Turkish Airlines' outstanding service and hostesses' attention to the smallest detail wins you over completely. You lean in your seat back a little and drift into a pleasant sleep. Later you are awakened with breakfast.

Once again you're in the skies over Beijing. And the magnificent Olympics are waiting to greet you now in the newly opened Terminal 3. Finally you're in Olympic city.

The Olympics are not just a sports competition; they include all kinds of shows. Can you imagine world championships in 28 different sports all going on at once? A fabulous feast, that's what the Olympics is! Everybody in China is clamoring to get tickets. Some will be lucky, others disappointed. But, please, let us all realize this: The Modern Olympic Games, founded by Baron Pierre Coubert, are a symbol of friendship, brotherhood and getting to know each other better. That is the meaning of the Olympics. Athletes from exactly 207 countries are going to exert their strength down to the last drop to win an Olympic medal. Whether it's the bronze, the silver or the gold isn't really important. For every athlete that wins a medal is going to go down in World Olympics history.

And we are going to experience great excitement and pleasure, be it at the games themselves or in front of the TV. And Turkey's Olympics team is going to return home on a Turkish Airlines plane, happy and proud of the medals it has won.