The sky, my first inspiration

I've been flying ever since I was eighteen. Since I studied abroad, I traveled back and forth regularly from Istanbul on Turkish Airlines for four years.

As a student I was green and unexperienced, but the Turkish Airlines' crew gave me confidence and I overcame all that. Sometimes I chatted with the hostesses, other times I got acquainted with other passengers.

When I embarked on my professional career, I started traveling abroad frequently on business. I was always flying somewhere or other, either as a journalist or as a presenter. I always told the people who invited me that I would only fly with Turkish Airlines. No one ever thought I was being unreasonable. I'm just so accustomed to flying with them that I can't consider any other airline.

As a child I always dreamed of flying high in the sky. When I grew up my dreams came true, and as they brought me into contact with the real world I again took off on journeys to the land of dreams.

Now I would like to share a secret with you: The ideas for all the books I've written and all the projects I've realized up to now have come to me on airplanes! Wonderful ideas filled with hope came to my mind when I gazed out the cabin window and lost myself in the view, traveling high above the clouds, many kilometers over the earth. I always jotted down those dreams in the notebook I carry in my briefcase. And when I got off the plane I excitedly began to translate those dreams into reality.  Traveling by air has always been very special to me for that reason. The sky is my inspiration.

Perhaps I am able to penetrate to the depths of my soul because I feel closer to the Divine Power on high when I'm flying and powerful givens buried deep in my subconscious surface one by one. Smiling and filled with excitement, I take notes. And when one of my books is published, they ask me: 'Where did you get your inspiration?” You all know the answer now. My inspiration is the sky. I hope that your journeys to your dreams, your hopes and longings, and your expectations for the future will be as inspiring as mine.