‘Healthy fish’ for health

The Benefits of fish are far too many to list… Moreover, the fish is being the guest of our tables every day of the year now. But to what extent do we know this delicious and healthy food?

The specialists indicate that the fish meat contains Omega-3 along with the calcium, iron and phosphorus at high ratios, and this acid does not exist in the other animal food products like meat, milk, cheese. Omega-3 prevents obstruction of the artery by blocking the fibrinoformation in the blood. Thus, it reduces the risks of heart attack, vascular diseases and paralysis, it drops cholesterol. Since fish is not a very fatty food, it is also an indispensible source of nutrition in the slimming diets… 

Fish is also very important in respect of the health and strength of the bones. Because of this property, the ones who live the problem of osteoporosis must consume fish more. Fish which is also rich in respect of iodine prevents serious health problems like goiter. And the vitamins A, B1, B2 and D needed by the body are  amply found in fish. Moreover, because Omega-3 positively influences the brain development of the baby in mother's belly and small infants, the pregnants and mothers are recommended to eat fish. Because, fish strengthens the intelligence and also enhances concentration. Also it gives power and energy to the body, it effaces mental fatigue. It produces blood. In short, the specialists recommend at least two meals of fish to be eaten in a week for a healthy life.

The specialists share the same opinion that the fish and fish products are extremely healthy. But, on the other hand, the fish obtained by way of hunting do not suffice to meet the increasing population. Therefore, for the last twenty years, in Turkey also, as in the whole world, alternative production methods to satisfy the fish need of people are sought.

We can say that Turkey which has a very important potential in respect of the interior water and sea utilization areas evaluates this chance well and has reached a significant level in the aquaculture sector worldwide. The Turkish aquaculture sector which realizes the cultivation of extremely delicious fish peculiar to the Mediterranean, especially sea bream and sea bass being the main ones; is continuing its studies on new species like red sea bream, sargo, worm eel speedily. When you add the widespreadly consumable rainbow trout to these, the volume and significance of the sector appears.

The fish cultivation which is really carried on with a great solemnity has of course major contributions to Turkey also at the economic aspect. Apart from the employment it generates, the most pleasant proof of the Turkish aquaculture sector is the fact that the only animal product which can be exported to all the world countries mainly being the EU countries by Turkey is the fish and fish products.

As seen, the sea bass which can be used in every kind of meals when it enters the kitchens, the sea bream of which the grill is insatiable and the rainbow trout, also bluefin tuna exported mostly to Japan for sushi and sashimi consumption, we encounter in a wide variety of tastes mainly being the smoked condition are extremely important products both for human health and the national economy.

Reminding that the sea bream, sea bass and rainbow trout come to our tables after a severe process of about 18 months by being fed with feeds produced of fish flour and fish oil equivalent to the foodstuff in their own natural living conditions and without being subject to any chemicals in a totally hormoneless way, now we are leaving you tete-a-tete with simple but delicious recipes you can make with these fish.