Dear Guests, Turkish Airlines, Turkey's flag carrier, conducts its business activities with a focus on providing you - our valued guests - a safe and comfortable journey while carrying you from one point to another.

The results make it evident that, with its 75 year accumulation of knowledge and experience, Turkish Airlines has the strength to maintain this standard of service.

As you may remember, we at Turkish Airlines had declared last year to be the ‘Year of Quality’ and we progressed our efforts in this direction. In addition to the renewal and redecoration of our cabin interiors as new aircraft joined our fleet, we commenced work to enhance in-flight services to transform our passengers' journey into a more enjoyable experience.

In order to improve quality of service and maximize passenger satisfaction, a partnership was established with Austria based Do&Co, a catering company owned by a successful Turkish entrepreneur and which already provided catering service to many airlines, as well as VIP catering service to Formula 1. On January 1, 2007, the new Turkish Do&Co venture began serving you with its original catering concept. We consider the positive feedback we've been receiving from you to be an endorsement that our catering service is on the right track.

I am also pleased to announce that our in-flight entertainment systems have been enhanced and that we now offer passengers a broader selection. Reaping the fruit of its labor on the path of quality service, Turkish Airlines was awarded third place in Europe at the World Airline Entertainment Association's (WAEA) ‘Aviation Awards’ for in-flight entertainment service.

Our objective on the path of quality is continuous progress. With this objective, we've begun to keep all of our processes under inspection. Through projects such as ‘Honorary Observer’ and ‘Clandestine Customer’ we gauge passenger experiences and plan improvement initiatives. In addition to improvements in operational aspects such as on time departure and least lost baggage, new investment in our call center and particularly the increase in the duration of training for cabin crew from 21 days to 70 days, are the foremost projects initiated to provide a higher quality of service to our passengers.

The level of quality achieved by Turkish Airlines was confirmed once more last year through the Customer Satisfaction Index of Turkey (TMME) assessment conducted by the Quality Organization of Turkey (KalDer). In KalDer's inaugural evaluation of the air transport sector, Turkish Airlines surpassed the Turkish average and came in first place. Notably, Turkish Airlines also received, for the first time, a four-star rating from Skytrax, which evaluates the air transport sector and is an organization recognized by aviation authorities.

We are not content with these results. The goals ahead of us include a Turkish Airlines which is world-renowned in the global aviation sector, Europe's fourth largest airline and its first five-star rated airline company. Thus, in addition to increasing our profitability and the number of passengers we carry, we aim to move ahead of the competition with our service quality.

We aspire to carry Turkish Airlines to new heights and to secure for it a place among Europe and the world's select few reputable companies known for their quality and dependable service. Your support will make it possible for us to exceed our expectations.
I wish you all a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL, Ph.D., CEO and Member of the Board