The 75th year book

Compiled in honor of the 75th anniversary of Turkish Airlines, ‘Turkish Airlines, 1933-2008: The 75th Year’ is a book that chronicles the airline in world historical terms, from its inception right up to today.

< style="text-align: justify;">Our age says a lot about us. If we’re a young man in our twenties, for example, we’ll be fired up with enthusiasm. If we are 35, we’ll be mature, with our feet planted firmly on the ground. And if we are in our fifties, we’ll have the wisdom of experience. Right or wrong, the same kinds of assessments can be made of companies. If it is successful in its sector, a fifty-year-old company may enjoy rightful pride and respect for its age.

Turkish Airlines is seventy-five years old. However much happiness, hardship and memorable experience a person approaching seventy can cram into his lifetime, Turkish Airlines has crammed that much and more into its seventy-five years. Born in a country ravaged by wars, it is becoming a global force today, with a host of stories, critical moments and brilliant successes that constitute the turning points in its life history. And now a book, ‘Turkish Airlines, 1933-2008: The 75th Year', chronicles the history of the airline as paralleled in world events.

The first pages of the book describe examples of the experiments conducted throughout history in the name of ‘flying', which was only a dream for human beings until just 105 years ago. In the 75-year book, the developments that occurred in Turkey in this period when man finally ascended to the skies are narrated in a chronology that begins with Ottoman efforts and initiatives and continues through the Republican period right up to our day. The story of the TOMTAŞ project of 1925, for example, to build in Kayseri a factory for aircraft production and maintenance, and the efforts of those who delivered the machinery and construction materials to the area on the backs of camels, is told with engaging charm.

Turkish Airlines’ 75-year journey is told though memoirs, documents and photographs. As a multitude of developments and incidents, from the airline’s incorporation as a company and the stages in its history to the new routes opened and new aircraft purchased, are related in chronological order, photographs and text take the reader back to the years chronicled on the page. Reading like a diary, the 75-year book examines both the adverse and the beneficial effects on the Airline of political developments at home and abroad. Meanwhile, for a better appreciation of its situation at the time, the conditions in which it worked and its current position are compared with those of other airlines.

Examples of Turkish Airlines ads that appeared in various places over the 75 years are one of the book’s nostalgic attractions. Turkish Airlines has always been one of Turkey’s best known trademarks and has always worked with the most reputable advertising agencies. In its ads we can therefore follow not only developments in the advertising sector but also market assessments of the airline and its policies. In time these ads, which started out explaining air travel to the people with an aim to expanding the market, came to focus more on Turkish Airlines’ size and quality of service.

One of the most important sections of the book is the chapter on Turkish Airlines’ last five years, which of course is the period that interests us the most. Doubling in size during this period to become a four-star airline, Turkish Airlines chalked up a historic success by joining the Star Alliance, which numbers the world’s largest airlines among its members. Seventy-five years is a long time for a human being. But when we consider institutions and how some European companies have been around for 300 years, Turkish Airlines can be said to be young. With its dynamic structure it has in any case exhibited a youthful performance in the successes it has achieved and the initiatives it has launched in the recent period. We wish it seventy-five more glorious years!

N.B. Turkish Airlines 75th Year Book is not available for purchase.