Dear Guests, Turkish Airlines has been showing rapid and steady growth thanks to the initiatives it has made over the past five years. In doing so, it acquired an international reputation and succeeded in becoming a large and highly respected airline. The new routes opened during this period, the many awards and high ratings it has received from international auditing firms, as well as pluses such as becoming a member of the world’s most respected airline alliance, the Star Alliance, were recorded as important successes that make the Turkish Airlines family proud.

Last month Turkish Airlines took yet another historic step towards its goal of becoming a global giant in the airlines sector when our Board of Directors decided to purchase 25 double-aisle aircrafts for long haul routes, and 50 single-aisle aircrafts for short and medium haul routes. Together with the purchase comes a possible option of increasing the number of total orders to 105, with an optional addition of 10 more double-aisle and 20 more single-aisle aircrafts. During the negotiation process, offers are being solicited from Airbus for its double-aisle A330 and A350 and single-aisle A319/320/321 models, and from Boeing for its double-aisle B777 and B787 and single-aisle B737/738/739 models.

In line with the ‘2009-2023 Fleet Projection’ strategy that we have developed, aircraft purchases and fleet planning are realized within the framework of risks and opportunities based on industrial variables and market conditions.
As readers will remember, Turkish Airlines purchased a total of 59 aircrafts, constituted of 51 planned and 8 optionally added medium-haul aircrafts. Thanks to this timely decision, Turkish Airlines rose to the top rank in its sector, earning the title of Europe’s fastest growing airline.

We have also started joint flights with United Airlines on its U.S. routes under an agreement signed in October. This agreement offers our passengers traveling to New York or Chicago the chance to fly on to several U.S. destinations on a single Turkish Airlines ticket.

In closing, I would like once again to remember our Great Leader, “Atatürk” on 10 November, the anniversary of his death, and to emphasize that we are pursuing our new initiatives with his guiding phrase, ‘the future is in the skies’, ever in mind.

I would like to thank you for flying Turkish Airlines and wish you a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL,
Ph.D., CEO and Member of the Board