Dear Guests, While the summer months are a period when many of us take time off for vacation, for Turkish Airlines and its employees it is a period of heightened activity.

The Summer of 2008 has not been merely a busier season, but one in which our passenger count has risen about 20% compared to the same period in previous years.

This increase in number of passengers is an indication of the satisfaction of our passengers and the trust accorded to Turkish Airlines, and for that we thank you.

In response to the intense interest in Turkish Airlines, we are increasing our capacity and number of flights while continuing to enhance the services offered to you. Following the ability introduced some time ago to perform check in and print boarding cards through our Internet site, we are now offering price advantages to passengers who purchase their tickets online.

With a new policy which began last month, the service charge was decreased for tickets bought online at www.thy.com for flights out-bound from Turkey; making these flights more economical.

This policy allows passengers to enjoy the convenience and expeditiousness of buying their tickets online while at the same time benefiting
from the service charge reduction.

Dear passengers,
We've prepared a special promotion for the month of September, during which the new school year will also begin. Before the Ramadan holiday, between 1-24 September 2008, we shall unite you with your loved ones with 25 percent discounted economy and business class domestic flights.
I wish you good health during the month of Ramadan, and I wish you a pleasant flight.

Temel KOTİL,
Ph.D., CEO and Member of the Board