35 years in chasing the magic of flight

The unique thing about flying is that since the Wright Brothers' first powered flight, the magic of it inspires every individual, starting with the ones involved in the industry, and who take the technology one step further every single day.

 Having spent 35 years of my professional life in the aviation industry and, most importantly, much longer as an enthusiast of aviation, I have tons of memories about flying. Through these revolutionary years of aviation, I had an average of 3 return flights per month. A lot of flying…And a good amount of time to witness the breath-taking evolution of flight from the commercial jet age to the space shuttle flights.

My personal story of this magical experience and feeling started when I was 17, flying on a demonstration flight by the Italian Air Force. An old military version of the DC3, of course, the C-47 Dakota. I can still see myself grasping the seat belt, with my body totally taken by two complementary reactions: excitement and joy. The next significant step in flying, and a telling sign about my future was my flight from Italy to the USA in January 1973.  I had been hired by an Italian aerospace company and was sent to support a joint project at Boeing, with my job starting onboard Boeing 747.

It always impresses and surprises me to see the huge mass of an airplane taking off, climbing in the air, and staying there for hours! While it shouldn't, as I know what happens there, being an Aeronautical Engineer.

I have flown many airlines during my career, and I have fond memories of each one of them.  The ones that I remember more vividly are the ones that had good management and people who cared about passengers. Having flown on Turkish Airlines (THY) for almost 20 years, I can say without hesitation that THY's people have always been good to me. Turkish Airlines has always been determined to try harder and proudly extend Turkish hospitality to foreign passengers.

I remember the pleasure when I would board a THY flight during my “exploration” of the republics of Central Asia that newly opened to the globe and how much I appreciated the modern service provided by THY. With the years, THY not only became a role model for the Central Asian airlines but also has grown from the modest flag carrier of Turkey to an airline that aspires to be amongst the largest carriers of Europe.

It gives me a great pleasure to witness and work together with THY management through its revolutionary years and see that the Boeing 737 airplane has made a significant contribution to the progress made by THY.

THY keeps improving itself, with better service on the ground and in flight, more comfort aboard, utilizing highly trained mechanics and pilots. And, whenever I can, I try to schedule my flight out of Turkey at the end of the day, so that, while going back home, I can still enjoy another great Turkish meal aboard the THY flight!