Guest of The Month: Hakan Gürsu, Ph.D. / Designer

Seeing the city we live in fromthe air, and taking in its many aspects, its roads and its critical points is an incredible experience. Whether by the dark of night or in the sun’s brilliant rays, the pleasure of flying over a city from one end to the other in a matter of a few seconds never fails to remind one of the high level technology has achieved today and how fleetingly life races by.

Seeing the sun rise before anybody else high over the clouds on a transoceanic flight is something else entirely. And seeing Istanbul from the air always brings to mind those special moments when we remember the richness of its texture and natural beauty and the sheer allure of the Bosporus.  On every flight, one catches the city at different points from new and different angles of approach, whether while gliding in over its opposite shores or descending over the water. One enjoys the pleasure of glimpsing the yachts and rowboats down below, and the color of the sea in the rain.

These are experiences that inevitably touch a person and leave him filled with awe. Once while flying over Hong Kong’s islands on a flight to that city, I was reminded of Istanbul.

And beyond a sense of how much cities and places of settlement resemble each other in their texture, I recalled how the subconscious immediately perceives the similarities and thrusts the dominant pattern into the foreground.

I remember, too, a domestic flight on which I understood the difference between seeing Lake Van on a map and viewing it from the air. I have never forgotten-and I will never forget-how moved I was when flying to Van one spring day by the sight of that legendary lake and its azure blue color from the air. The natural harmony between its vast azure expanse and the pink and white trees blossoming on its shores are engraved in my mind forever. I have never forgotten...

Flying for me is associated with special moments that are full of surprises every time. Who knows what is visible below the other wing at the moment of landing?

The eager curiosity this sparks inside me every time is still vivid in my mind.