Letter From The Chairman

Dear Passengers, The historic journey we are making together as the family of man is advancing through a narrow strait these days. Once again history is smiling indulgently on those who, claimed amidst the rhetoric of technology, globalization and the information society that 'the End of History' had come, in other words, that the developed world had solved all the problems of civilization. Given that we are all human, with our virtues as well as our frailties, are we not simply re-enacting the same play but with different stage settings? Isn't this what makes us say that history repeats itself?

We believe that there will always be a basis for serving mankind as long as we free ourselves of the mediocre concepts that besiege us via the mass media and approach the world with common sense. Indeed, it is with this in mind that we regard our position as a blessing and a privilege, to be able to serve you by making the world a little smaller by bringing the faraway closer. Doing what was true and right, we stood firm against the conditions and eventualities that occasionally plunge mankind into pessimism. What a pleasure for us then that Turkish Airlines has taken its place today among the powerful firms that will rebuild the future.

We have made it a tradition to present assessments of our strategic outlook in each year's January issue of Skylife. Turkish Airlines successfully 'broke out of its shell' in the period 2003 to 2008, the most concrete example of this being that all 59 of the new planes we decided to purchase in 2004 are now part of the fleet. Not only that but we have shared with you developments in human resources, the flight network, flight frequency, and product quality and diversification, always with flight safety as our top priority, and you too are continuing to experience those innovations.
Just now we are enjoying the pleasure and excitement of having launched new initiatives as part of our Strategy for 2009-2023. Making your life easier is our most fundamental objective. Our style and approach in every development and every innovation that we make as well as in maintaining our usual standards of service is our sheer desire to achieve that basic objective.

We started the new year by buying 105 new planes, 75 of them definite orders. Not limited by the potential merely to augment Turkey's greatness, Turkish Airlines' “New Work Model” is putting a great new opportunity for growth in front of us. This genuine growth opportunity is not only going to provide the basis for expanding the volume of our operations, but is also going to take the service we provide at present to a more affordable level financially and an even higher level in terms of quality.

With our new 3 Boeing 777-300ER's, the first Turkish Airlines has ever used, we have expanded the horizon for our wide-bodied, long-haul fleet and are re-introducing 'First Class' service after a hiatus of several years. In doing so, we have laid one more of the foundation stones for building the five-star Turkish Airlines of the future. And with the 'Fehime Sultan' and 'Hatice Sultan' waterside mansions we have rented on the Bosporus and are restoring in time for the opening of the Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital events, we are taking Turkish hospitality to new 'First Class' heights at our own flight base of Istanbul.
We now have all points in Anatolia covered from end to end with Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Sun Express. At the same we hold the globe in the palm of our hand through Turkish Airlines, the Star Alliance, our partner Air Bosnia, and, once again, Sun Express. We have exhibited a good performance in taking off and landing punctually and delivering passengers safe and sound to their destinations. We have lost fewer pieces of luggage than our competitors. We have transformed our in-flight food offerings from a choice of industrially produced dishes into a palate-pleasing feast prepared by real chefs with the finest ingredients. To keep you happy in the cabin we have begun offering the latest in in-flight entertainment systems. For our frequent flyer passengers we have further developed the quality, capacity and number of CIP lounges on our domestic routes. In short, we at Turkish Airlines are building everything on deserving every penny you pay us, on giving your business the care it deserves and leaving you pleased.

Among the new destinations we in the management have decided to add, the following will be made available one after the other in 2009: Çanakkale and Uşak in Turkey, and Dakar (Senegal), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Toronto (Canada), Meshhed (Iran), Nairobi (Kenya), Ufa (Bashkirdistan-Russian Federation), Lvov (Ukraine), and Goteburg (Sweden) abroad. In addition to these, among the new candidate cities we are considering as destinations in the the future are Washington, D.C. (U.S.A.), Dacca (Bangladesh), Glasgow (United Kingdom), Alexandria (Egypt), Lahore (Pakistan), and Benghazi (Libya).
Besides our contributions to Science, Culture, Art and Sports, in 2009 we are also are going to put our signature on several new social responsibility projects. We have already completed our study of Turkish Classical Music, “75 Great Masters In Memory of 75 Years”, and made it available to music lovers. We have also begun shooting documentary-type films on all the destinations to which we fly.
We regard 2009 and beyond as an interesting period of further challenges that will be met by people working with good will for the better of mankind. It is therefore an opportunity in true sense of the word to flesh out such abstract concepts as solidarity, hope, work, tolerance and love and give them real meaning.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the employes and shareholders of Turkish Airlines, I give you my word that we are going to do our part to serve you better, and I wish you all the best in the year ahead.

With my best regards,

Dr. Candan Karlıtekin, Chairman
Board of Director