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    Dear Guests, As one of Turkey’s oldest and most established companies, Turkish Airlines celebrated the 76th anniversary of its founding on 20 May. As we bind past to future with our years of experience, we are also connecting Turkey to the world via Istanbul.

    Turkish Airlines has grown to become one of a handful of international airlines in the world, and therefore bears an important responsibility as one of Turkey’s biggest brand names worldwide.

    Important ground has been covered as a result of Turkey’s opening up to the world and the initiatives it took in the area of tourism in the decade of the 1990s. The number of tourists coming to the country, which used to be expressed in figures between three and five million, topped 30 million in 2008. Developments in tourism now put Turkey in eighth place in the world ranking. We are experiencing a similar phenomenon in the air transport sector, which came to the fore in 2003 and carved out a niche for itself on the national agenda.

    Approaching 25 million a year, Turkish Airlines’ number of passengers and 40% growth in number of transit passengers carried annually make Istanbul a candidate for becoming one of the world’s busiest air transport hubs a chance that is further enhanced by Turkey’s unique location and unequalled cultural riches and history.

    We are striving with all our might  to bring the plans we have laid for the hundredth anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 2023 to fruition.  Here at Turkish Airlines we are doing everything in our power to make Istanbul one of the world’s ten most important transit hubs, just as other players in the sector are engaged in their own efforts in this direction. There is no reason why Turkey, which is now eighth in the world in tourism, cannot achieve the same success in the aviation sector.

    A global player now with its 76 years of experience and following its successful initiatives, Turkish Airlines is continuing to add new destinations to its already broad flight network. Very soon we are going to start flying to Jakarta (Indonesia) as the 116th destination on our international routes.

    In addition to offering you, our valuable passengers who choose Turkish Airlines for your travels, the opportunity of access to a large number of flight destinations, we are also happy to ensure that you have a safer and more quality journey at more reasonable prices.

    I wish you all a pleasant flight.

    Sincerely yours,
    Temel KOTİL, Ph.D.,
    CEO and Member of the Board