3G Speed In Mobile Communications

3G (Third Generation) is the abbreviated name of the new generation of technology representing the third period in mobile communications. 3G is going to make important contributions to both personal and business life until the next generation of mobile technology comes along.

The generations follow each other in rapid succession, and every generation passes along its experience to the next. How this happens is a mystery and one of the most important foundation stones in the development of the concept man calls technology.
The basic purpose of the communications technology that first began to be used about eighteen years ago was to be able to talk with people independently of location. The GSM infrastructure created in Finland in 1991 serves over two billion people in more than 200 countries today. During this process, communications standards like GPRS and EDGE took over the baton from their predecessors, offering users service at higher speeds and quality.

Used in many countries of the world today, 3G technology makes it possible to access the internet at speeds of 3-25 Mbits from telephones and mobile devices that support the standard. The next-generation standards, known as 4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution), meanwhile are currently in the testing stage. When they come into use, access to the world of the internet from mobile devices at speeds of up to hundreds of Mbits will become the norm.
Without a doubt, one of the major factors making 3G so important is the internet, which has become a virtual sea of knowledge. Such a sea are we talking about that every drop in it is now in contact with every other drop, and thanks to mobile devices you, too, have access to all the drops.  There is no doubt either that these services and applications are what make the internet so important.
Thanks to a simple weather forecast you can quickly decide what to wear that day; You can then decide whether or not to use your own car depending on local traffic conditions and listen over your mobile phone to a voice directing you to the fastest routes. Imagine you’re looking for an address that is unfamiliar or where you’ve never gone before. All you need to do is connect to a global map service over your mobile and key in the address you want to go to. You are now holding in your hand a guide that will direct you step by step to the address you seek. You’re hungry, you say? No problem. Your mobile phone will offer you the shortest routes to the restaurant most in sync with your taste.

Whenever you want you can make plane and hotel reservations, or even rent a car, all over your mobile phone.

Are you late catching your plane? You can immediately complete your ticketing and check-in while you’re still on the road and make your flight without having to wait in any lines. You can access financial data of all kinds, get the latest news, access social networking sites and send e-mail and messages to your friends in real time and independently of location. You’re bored? You can access mobile TV, cinema and music services and spend enjoyable minutes. If you like, you can also ring up your friends and loved ones and video chat. You can instantly upload any photographs or videos you take onto your social networking account; if you like you can even publish them on video and photo sharing websites.

If you have a 3G modem or if the laptop computer you use supports this technology, it doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you’re at home, in the office, on a ship or a train or even at a ski center, it makes no difference. You can follow your daily business anywhere and any time and be in constant communication with the world. At the same time, 3G technology brings with it significant advantages in areas such as health, security and education.
3G is bringing a number of conveniences to the world of business. Initiatives such as customer relations management, remote vehicle tracking systems, sales automation software, video call centers, and mobile internet sharing make it possible to do more work in less time. The developments that have taken place from the pictures incised on stone walls and the hieroglyphics inscribed on tablets up to the present-day have made accessibility to whole world possible at your fingertips and then put it in your pocket. Don’t be so sure that technology isn’t going to enable your body to travel at the speed of light one day!