Dear Guests,
It gives me great pleasure to share with you the excitement of leaving the old year behind and entering the new.

For Turkish Airlines, 2010 was a year in which the growth we have been experiencing since 2003 continued with increasing momentum. Through the results we have achieved both financially and operationally as well as in terms of service quality, we have not only consolidated our position in the field of global aviation, but we have also sustained our development by continuing to lay a solid foundation for the future.

Our flight network has become a subject of significant development on a global scale. We opened eight new routes in 2010. Thanks to those new routes we have increased the number of transit passengers we carry by more than 450 percent compared with 2005. Through the branding efforts we have pursued in parallel with our growth, we have made the name of Turkish Airlines known around the world.

Quality is an endless journey. In awareness of this, we took major steps to increase the quality of our operations and our service in 2010. Our aim was to turn your travels into pure pleasure through the new planes that have joined our fleet, the new initiatives we have taken starting with the introduction of Comfort Class, and our service and catering approach, which is designed to make you feel at home on board. We were the recipients of the Best Airline in Southern Europe award and the Best Catering in Economy Class award from Skytrax. We also celebrated the 20th year of our Miles&Smiles program, which offers you major advantages and privileges.

These and many other developments I cannot go into here enable us to view the future with hope and enthusiasm. We intend to sustain our development in 2011 as well. Our flight network is going to come into its own with the addition of the new aircraft that are joining our fleet by the end of 2011. When that network is fully integrated with our short-haul flight network, Istanbul is going to become a transit center in the true sense of the word. We are planning to move up from eighth to seventh in the world in terms of flight network, a notch upward in the global market that will contribute to our growth rate in a big way. In the light of all these developments we have declared 2011 our ‘year of operations’. We are going to manage our operational intensity, which will eventually reach a thousand flights a day, in the most perfect and sensitive way possible.

Dear Guests,

We are going to continue our branding efforts throughout 2011 with no slowdown.  We are expending intensive efforts to take a place among the world’s best known airlines by the end of next year. We intend to continue striving with all our might to further develop our service quality and further diversify the opportunities we offer you.
As a result of all these efforts, we are advancing with resolute steps toward our target of becoming Europe’s first Five-Star Airline. Making a difference in your travel times and affording you experiences that surpass your expectations are going to be among our highest priorities in the new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, our valued passengers, a very happy new year filled with health and happiness.

Thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines, and have a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,

Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board