A Classic Winter Holiday: Uludag

Over the years Uludağ has remained a popular winter resort. With its world-class ski runs, fine hotels and vibrant ambience, it is the ski capital of Turkey.

The excitement begins before you even leave home, the heart already thumping as you pack ski suit, googles, snow boots. Then you set out, for the irresistible attraction of this snow queen veiled in white. Antiquity’s legendary Olympus, Uludağ today is a modern mountain town, whose arms are wide open to welcome you. One way or another you will reach her. Either over a winding trail through snow-covered beeches, or on a cable car affording a spectacular views.

To The Slopes!
A scant hour from Bursa’s Yenişehir Airport, Uludağ Winter Sports Center is an amazing place. Not only is the whole area abuzz with activity, nature is conversely quiet and peaceful. The immaculate white of the mountain slopes offers unmatched pastoral views, while the rise and fall of the undulating mountain ridges reach straight into the sky. The footprints you leave along the picture-pretty mountain trails are blotted out in the time it takes to down a cup of coffee. All the while, the softly falling snow lends new contours to nature, creating fresh new landscapes and inviting you to other pastimes. Following a snowfall, the pistes are reconditioned for skiing. When it stops snowing and the sun shows its friendly face again you can enjoy the open air cafes. Blanketed in snow six months a year on average, the mountain offers winter sports to mid-March. One feature that distinguishes Uludağ from its rivals in Turkey is that it is laced with ski runs on all sides. You’ll have no difficulty finding one appropriate to your level of skill, whether you are a pro or a true beginner. The Alpine discipline is common here where you can take a teleski or telesiege to the top of the run and slalom down. The pistes are suitable for international competitions, the lifts world standard. And the pistes right in front of the hotels and in the immediate area are so easy even a child can use them. You can also rent good ski equipment and get excellent professional instruction here on Uludağ throughout the season.

Holiday In The Mountains
Skiing at Uludağ, a gleaming mountain town almost 2,000 meters above sea level in a sea of white, goes back to the 1930’s. Offering just a single accommodation facility in the early years, the mountain today boasts a wide array of alternatives from bed&breakfasts all the way to five-star hotels. And health experts and search&rescue teams are on the job 24/7. All the ski runs on this mountain are suitable for winter sports and most of them are easy to boot. South to southwest winds prevail on the extensive ski area, and in January and February the snow cover hovers around three meters under normal winter conditions. The powder snow seen throughout the skiing season from December 20 to March 20 is ideal for winter sports. And the mountain’s star-rated hotels offer every comfort imaginable. From suites with fireplaces to restaurants offering world cuisine, every detail has been carefully planned for a privileged winter holiday. Whether in the hotels or right next door, the boutiques offer a variety to please shoppers of every stripe. There are even alternatives for those not enamored of skiing: restaurants with cosy fireplaces, hiking trails, even night clubs. Skiers returning at dusk bring the scent of snow back with them. Following a hot shower, first a brief nap is in order. Or, if you don’t want to miss even a minute of the lively entertainment this mountain has to offer, you can head straight for the cafes. Extend the time spent sipping a hot drink around a glowing fireplace right up to an open-buffet dinner in one of the many restaurants. And don’t forget to don your most fashionable finery! As the night progresses, you can prolong your pleasure in one of the night clubs. If you are one of those who don’t limit your holiday dreams to a single season but say ‘There’s nothing like a winter vacation’, then Uludağ definitely has something to please you. Which will it be? A chance to escape the urban rat race and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, or a chance to find big city comfort on a mountaintop? The choice is yours.