Welcome Aboard

Dear Friends of Turkish Airlines, Our country, Turkey, has achieved significant developments across many fields. Even during this unstable period under the influence of the global economic downturn, Turkey proved once again that with its sound economy and investments towards infrastructure it is a viable candidate to become a global player.

Developments primarily in tourism and other mainstays of Turkish industry are the golden signs that point towards the competitive advantage our country has in the reshaped world market. With these forces behind it, Turkey is truly preparing to ‘take flight’.
Positioning Turkish Airlines in alignment to the country’s development has had a great role in the success of the airline, which has become a prominent figure during this period.

We are proud and happy to be accomplishing our mission as our country’s flag bearer in the international arena. As one of the world’s leading airlines, our role requires leadership in innovation, prompting us towards continuous improvements, including the quality of the services we provide to you.

Starting from management and spreading through each and every level of Turkish Airlines, our entire staff is taking firm steps towards the future with this awareness, responsibility and motivation. We are proud of what we do today and regard tomorrow with hope.

We have taken significant steps towards making Turkish Airlines a leading player in the global field of aviation.
Thus, we have practically produced another Turkish Airlines through the realization of growth strategies put forth by our Board of Directors and successful executions that have taken place.

Since we took on this mission in 2003, we have increased the number of annual passengers from 10 million to 26 million, grown the number of aircraft from 65 to 135 and expanded the number of flight destinations from 104 to 156. We also became a member of Star Alliance, the world’s most important airline alliance, thereby taking a very significant step in realizing our strategy to render Turkey the most critical connection point between Europe and Asia. Passengers arriving from all corners of the world now connect to destinations by using Turkish Airlines.

As a result of all of these strategic steps, we have become the fourth largest airline company in Europe in terms of number of passengers carried. The growth we have achieved has helped generate new jobs, while the passengers per employee have increased, creating efficiency.

Dear Friends of Turkish Airlines,
The aviation sector was also deeply affected by the ongoing global economic downturn. At a time when many airline companies were struggling just to protect their position or were downsizing, we as Turkish Airlines did not make any sacrifices in terms of our investment strategy. We continued our growth during this time to take maximum advantage of opportunities borne out of this period to ultimately provide the best possible benefit to you valuable passengers and come out of this term stronger than before.

In this context, we widened the scope of our flight network and continued to grow our fleet, barring no effort to the end of developing our service quality at every point. As a cumulative result of these endeavors, and thanks to your kind regards, we are putting this difficult period behind us with ease and success, and continuing ahead on our path with determination.

The market value of our company, 51% of which is publically traded on the IMKB (Istanbul Stock Exchange), is also on the rise towards its deserved position. Our market value has reached 4 billion 900 million TL, increasing steadily from 1 billion 138 million TL in 2003. Achieving this result in the face of negative market forces during the crisis has pleased our stockholders and once again proven that their investments were in good hands.

We have not diverted from our approach focused on growth while determining our goals and budgets for 2010. We will not cease in our continual efforts for development this year either, as we are set on increasing our capacity and adding new destinations to our ever-expanding flight network. With the new aircraft joing our fleet, we will be reaching our goals even faster and growing our global market share.

These efforts are being realized within the framework of our long-term roadmap; what we call our 2023 Strategy. Our aim is that Turkish Airlines reaches the global zenith in its field during the 100th year anniversary of the founding of our Republic.

Our greatest source of assurance and motivation while we take on these challenging goals is your deep, kind regards and attention towards Turkish Airlines. We are extremely aware of just how valuable your support is. As you continue to prefer Turkish Airlines, we join hands with all of our employees, striving to present the very best to you.

I wish you health and happiness in 2010, which we have newly entered, and that you have a pleasant flight.

Respectfully yours,
Hamdi Topçu
Chairman of the Board and
of the Executive Committee