Dear Guests,

We have left behind half the year. For many of us the holiday season has already begun. But with the strength it derives from you, Turkish Airlines is continuing to work to make your travels even safer.
As Turkish Airlines expands its market share in the world airline industry a little more each year, it is also attracting potential passengers into the market with the unusual products and marketing strategies it has developed, offering them the possibility of safer, cheaper, more comfortable transportation.

Turkish Airlines is pursuing a policy of combining two different schools that exist in the world. Some airlines are following the wage-indexed policy based on the western school, whereas other airlines have developed products and strategies in accordance with the service quality index based on the eastern school. Here at Turkish Airlines we are creating a service concept that is a synthesis of the two schools. In other words, we are offering our customers both quality service and reasonable fares. How this synthesis works is evident when one looks at various figures, from profitability to number of passengers carried over the last six years. We believe that broad masses of people in Turkey want to travel by air. But only in the last decade did this become reality. In other words, there was demand, but there was no supply to answer that demand. Now Turkish Airlines has brought that supply into being.

June was a month of important developments for Turkish Airlines. The first good news is that we have left behind 77 years in our adventure that began in 1933 with five airplanes. In honor of the anniversary, we all celebrated together at a concert of select works by Melihat Gülses, a name without equal in Turkish music, at her concert “If I were a bird and could fly…”, held on Friday, May 28th, at Istanbul’s Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center.

Our passenger numbers reached 8 million 370 thousand in the first four months of the year, which means an increase of 21.1% on the same period in 2009. I have no doubt that we are going to take this success even higher in our 77th year.

In June we added direct flights to three important countries in Africa - first to Entebbe (Uganda) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) and then to Alexandria (Egypt) - which we believe constitute a great potential for our company. The three new routes we have opened in Africa are going to make major contributions to Turkish Airlines in terms of profitability. For when we look at the figures for 2009 we see that our biggest passenger growth was in Africa with 49.1%.

The last route we opened in June was in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan. We have a 13-kilometer border with Nakhichevan, which is attached to Azerbaijan but has no border with it. Our aim is to contribute to further enhancing economic, social and cultural relations by adding an air bridge to the land bridge, which we call the ‘Bridge of Longing’ and they call the ‘Bridge of Hope’, between the two countries over the Aras River.
I would like to thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines and wish you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board