Dear Passengers

While being fully conscious of our responsibilities, we greatly enjoy serving you in the aviation sector, which we regard as a vehicle in service of humanity.

Each month, we experience the sweet excitement of connecting with you through Skylife. We present information on important corporate developments that have taken place over the past month and share our vision regarding strategic decisions we have made.

Turkish Airlines has taken significant steps during the restructuring process of the past five years to bolster its IT infrastructure and to ensure that its resources are used effectively and productively. We aim to be the most up-to-date company among aviation firms regarding developments in information technology. We have put the latest software to use in fields such as Revenue Management, Team Planning, and Fleet Dispatch Management. Our supercomputers process the information of hundreds and thousands of passengers daily in an effective manner. With the active use of information technology and our policy of expansion in mind, we have started work on the ERP project as of the year 2010, which will see the restructuring and integration of all business processes. This project, which started with an investment of 22 million dollars, is the most comprehensive project in this area in Turkey and is already part of a small and distinguished group of such projects worldwide. Aiming to handle this period of transition prudently and thoroughly, our partnership is working closely with 150 information technology consultants, 80 key users chosen from the ranks of each division, and 70 additional individuals who have been newly hired and are all experts in their own fields.

In 2009, a year during which the aviation sector was affected by the global economic crisis as every other sector, Turkish Airlines has carried approximately 25 million passengers – an increase of 12 per cent. In 2010, when the economy and the sector are expected to show comparatively better performance, we aim to carry 31 million passengers, an increase of approximately 25 per cent. Transit passengers brought by the expansion of our flight network with the addition of new routes and the increase in the variety and convenience of connecting flights will be of great importance toward realizing these goals. Our aim is that Turkish Airlines will be the world’s eighth in terms of the breadth of its flight network by the end of the year 2010.

The negative effects inflicted on air travel by ash clouds, which were caused by the activity of the volcano in Iceland, were high on the agendas of ourselves and of passengers alike. Our partnership, which allowed for absolutely no lapses in its procedures and standards regarding flight safety, took all necessary steps to ensure that our passengers whose flights were canceled due to safety would not be stranded. Besides offering alternatives on other dates and on other routes, we tried to address our passengers’ need for rapid transportation by adding additional flights to areas which could be flown to. These measures ensured the continued satisfaction of our passengers and brought our partnership’s losses due to this geographical event to minimum levels.

Dear passengers,
Turkish Airlines, which possesses one of Europe’s youngest fleets with an average age of six years, persists in its efforts toward realizing its vision of total quality with the services carried out by its young, dynamic, and cheerful staff before, during, and after flights. As the CEO of the young and dynamic Turkish Airlines family, I first would like to wish you a happy May 19 The Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth, and Sports day, and I wish all of you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board