İstanbul Through The Eyes Of The Master Cartoonists

Cartoonists from different countries in İstanbul for the 30th annual International Nasreddin Khoja Cartoon Contest have depicted İstanbul in their drawings.

Like the proverbial picture, a cartoon is often worth a thousand words, conveying its message in an instant. For it transfers thought and emotion directly to the brain without any intermediary. In October İstanbul welcomed some of the world’s best-known practitioners of this priceless art when İstanbul, which has been painted by famous painters and depicted in beautiful engravings for centuries, became the inspiration of cartoonists as well.

Thirty internationally recognized cartoonists were invited to the city for the thirtieth International Nasreddin Khoja Cartoon Contest sponsered by Koç Holding. During their stay the cartoonists held cartoon workshops for children sponsored by Akbank Sanat in cooperation with the Creative Children’s Association. These famous cartoonists are in İstanbul as part of the ‘Turhan Selçuk Exhibition’, mounted in honor of the late Turhan Selçuk, who was among the Association’s founders. Taking part in the exhibition, open to visitors at Bir Nokta Art Gallery to the end of November, the visiting artists drew portraits of the well-known Turkish cartoonist. When it comes to cartoons, brevity is of the essence, so rather than filling up this space with words, let’s have a look at some of the masters’ works.

The Turkish Cartoonists Association has been holding the Nasreddin Khoja Cartoon Contest every year since 1975 as one of the world’s three biggest contests in the field. Attracting the participation of both international publishers and free-lance cartoonists, the contest is one of Turkey’s most prestigious events.