Dear Guests,
Turkish Airlines has continued to serve its passengers domestically and internationally for seventy-seven years. We were recently in Frankfurt for the celebrations of the fiftieth year of the first flight made to Germany. Turkish Airlines' international flights venture began in 1947 with Athens, followed by Cairo, Beirut, Rome, and then Frankfurt. When we made our first trip on May 10th, 1960, we were flying just once a week. Today, Turkish Airlines makes 220 trips to nine cities in Germany each week.

We were very pleased by the interest shown by our Germany friends who attended the event, which took place in a historical opera building, and their views regarding Turkish Airlines, which also showed that our efforts had been fruitful.

Turkish Airlines is an airline preferred by those who enjoy safe and high-quality air travel. Besides the addition of new aircraft to our fleet and the expansion of our flight network, the service we offer within the cabin also has an important role in this preference.

Considering that 66 percent of international passenger traffic goes along the Eastern-Western corridor, the natural positioning of Istanbul – the European Cultural Capital – as a transit point is quite evident. Turkish Airlines has flights to seventy locations in countries in Europe and the CIS, nineteen in the Middle East, eighteen in the Far East, seventeen in Africa, and four in North and South America, offering millions of people the chance to travel through Istanbul.

Dear passengers,
By offering services which will increase your satisfaction, we are trying to return the interest that you have shown by choosing Turkish Airlines. As we add new aircraft to our fleet this month, we shall also be adding the “Comfort Class” option this month on long-haul flights, which shall be offered for your enjoyment with the comfort of its seats as well as its price and service.

I would also like to remind you of a service that we are still offering. We organize a private and pleasurable city tour for our passengers who will be traveling with a connection in Istanbul. The tour program, which consists of visits to Istanbul’s important historic and touristic places, is open to passengers who have a waiting time of at least six hours for their connection and takes place in comfortable vehicles with the accompaniment of professional guides. The Istanbul tour gives our passengers the chance to spend a pleasant time among Istanbul's eye-catching historical and touristic beauties rather than waiting in a hotel.

I would also like to use this occasion to wish you a happy October 29th, which is the Republic Day of Turkey.

I thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines and offer my respects.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil,
CEO and Member of the Board