Being The Best Of Europe...


Europe’s Best Airline. The Best Seats in Premium Economy Class. Best Airline in Southern Europe. These are the awards that Skytrax, the world’s leading airline rating firm, found Turkish Airlines worthy of in its 2011 ranking. Based on feedback from 18.8 million passengers around the world, the awards were a source of pride for all of us.

Differentiating... Being able to show your difference in a fiercely competitive global business like aviation is crucial. We started by expanding our vision. Turkish Airlines had to be the best in the world. To realize that goal, we first surveyed our passengers’ demands.

We began to study, think about and implement concepts that would not only meet your rising expectations but amaze you at the same time. On the one hand, we put our competitors under the magnifying glass. We rolled up our sleeves to further strengthen our strong points, and to enhance the quality of our integral services by focusing on those areas where our competitors were lacking.

The scope of our transport network is an extremely important part our vision of becoming a global player. So, step by step we strengthened and diversified that network. We are also continuing to expand our fleet by the day. The Turkish Airlines fleet comes to 175 planes with the most recent additions. We are also adding new cities to our destination portfolio every day to reach the destinations demanded by passengers with diverse expectations from around the world.

With flights to 186 locations worlwide, Turkish Airlines transports a businessman to his meeting, a family to its holiday, and students to their schools. Istanbul has been one of our biggest advantages during this process.

We captured the hearts of transit passengers by offering them the possibility of transferring all over the world under the most convenient conditions from Istanbul, a natural and unequalled connecting point due to its geographical location.

By offering our transit passengers a number of value added services including everything from city tours and accommodation to travel guides and information services, we aimed to make every minute of their trip a pleasure. And those efforts paid off. Turkish Airlines in 2010 increased is transit passenger numbers by 300 percent on 2005.

Our aim was to take awareness of our brand even further in the global dimension. During that process we concluded major sponsorship agreements with world stars like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Kobe Bryant and Caroline Wozniacki. We lent our support to hundreds of events both at home and abroad. You can see the Turkish Airlines’ logo today in many areas that add pleasure to life, from sports to the arts.

We believe that every minute of your flight experience should be in pleasure and happiness. Making our cabin as cosy and comfortable as your own home is our top priority. As is the importance we give to meals. Thanks to our cooperation with Do&Co, one of the world’s leading catering services, we have turned the in-flight eating and drinking experience into a virtual feast.

Those efforts bore their first fruit last year when Skytrax named our catering services the best in economy class in 2010. In 2011 we left the world’s giants behind to take second place in onboard catering in all classes, Business, Premium Economy and Economy. In Comfort Class we offered you all the advantages of a brand new class, and our seat quality in this class was named the best in the world in its first year of service.

Service with a smile at every phase of your flight constitutes the center of our work and relations.. We know very well that the way to do this and keep it permenant is through constant learning and training. So, we made sure that all our customer service employees, from our in-flight cabin crews to our ground services, undergo continuous and comprehensive training. We also stepped up the pace of that training process. And that is the secret behind the smiling faces of our teams.

Here at Turkish Airlines we strive to enhance the value of every moment for you, our valuable passengers, and to make you feel special every step of the way. We consider ourselves fortunate to have gained your favor. So, on to even more awarded flights,  all of us together!

Turkish Airlines in the Skytrax 2011 Awards

• Best Airline in Europe
• Best Airline in Southern Europe
• Best Seats in Premium Economy Class


• Best Catering in Economy Class
• Best Catering in Premium Economy Class
• Best Catering in Business Class