Dear Friends of Turkish Airlines,

I salute you with the excitement of entering 2011 and the pleasure of meeting you once again, and wish you a pleasant flight.

We have many goals as Turkish Airlines: being one of the world’s best airlines, expanding our flight network, broadening the scope of our services… But there is just one objective behind all of these goals, and that is the ability to able to offer you the highest level of service at all times so that we can be the object of your favor. 

Working within this objective, we have launched a concept that is unmatched in the whole world. The Curioz Children’s Club aims to give a pleasant travel experience to our children and their families within a comprehensive world from its magazine to its website, from the play area to the special check-in counter for children. Underlying all of our efforts is our approach to think of and present the best things that are ideal for you. We shall be so happy if we can create a smile of pleasure on just one of our children’s faces.

The same approach has reflected upon our Skylife magazine as well. Skylife, which increases its weight in the field of in-flight magazines each day, has been renewed as of its January issue. Skylife offers unique visuals and articles resulting from its special projects, the world’s leading foremost writers, and brand new sections for you to enjoy. What underlies this comprehensive effort, too, is our mind to offer you the best.

In January, we added new destinations to our network by launching flights to Ho Chi Minh City and Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China, and to Siirt and Tokat with the flights initiated by AnadoluJet. We have begun a detailed training process to raise the quality of our cabin crews’ service to higher levels. Our cabin crews go through a training program of a scope that is rarely seen in the world. The quality of our offerings, too, rises more and more each day. We are reinforcing our young fleet with the investments we have made, and are bolstering our infrastructure in order for you to have more comfortable, more pleasurable journeys.

All of our efforts are to offer you better service and to give you an unmatched flight experience. We believe that you, our valued passengers, deserve the best in all things at all times. Your admiration and commendation are our greatest sources of motivation. I thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines, and wish you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Board