Caroline Wozniacki

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is going to be the face of turkish airlines’ business class for the next three years. The world’s number one woman tennis player, wozniacki appeared excited and happy during her recent advertising film shoot in Istanbul.

Number One Of Courts

You come from from a family of professional athletes; can we say that it is in your genes?
My family has been involved in sports and maybe it’s in my genes. Aside from the joke, I think that I was lucky that my parents both liked to play sports and when I was growing up, we played something almost every day. First it was soccer, then tennis. I think it should be an important part of every child’s upbringing to try out at least a few sports, but in today’s world it doesn’t get enough emphasis.

What made you to choose tennis?
When I first started hitting balls with my father and my brother Patrik, I almost instantly fell in love with the game. First I wanted to beat my brother, then my Dad, then the Danish kids, and so on. I found it challenging, both mentally and physically.
Were you expecting to be ranked No. 1 in tennis after winning the Junior Championships at Wimbledon?
Becoming the #1 ranked player in the world has been a dream come true. I worked hard for that success, but keeping the top ranking will be just as challenging as getting there.

You are very young and very successful. Are you afraid?
I don’t think I’ve anything to be afraid of. I’m young, I’m passionate about what I do, my game still has potential, and I’m actually looking forward to a bright future.

Do you believe in luck?
Undoubtedly luck is needed in all sports, but it’s a small part of the game. Talent is probably an even smaller one. The work ethic and the will to win is almost everything.

Do you feel more responsible now than your past?
As I got more experienced, I started the see the world a bit differently. I’m obviously more responsible than when I was 17, and I feel like that I’m more mature than other 20 year-old girls just because I’ve been traveling and playing so much.

You must be very busy and surely traveling a lot. What do you do in your free time?
When I’m not practicing or playing, I like to hang out with my friends and just relax and chat. We often grab a coffee or watch a good movie. I also like to spend time in Copenhagen with my brother Patrik because I don’t get to see him that often. Luckily, my home in Monte Carlo has a lot to offer as well, so I always find ways to get away from tennis for a few hours if necessary.

Where in the world do you like the most?
I haven’t actually been here in Istanbul much, but I like it here. I’m looking forward to coming back for the WTA Championships at the end of the 2011 season and I hope to explore the city a bit more.  I like my home in Monte Carlo, but there’s no place like Copenhagen.

What do you think about your sponsorship with Turkish Airlines’ Business Class?
I feel honored to be a member of such an exclusive and great group. I think Turkish Airlines has a lot to offer. They have over 160 destinations worldwide, which  fits the global nature of tennis. I believe I will be able to travel easily and comfortably with Turkish Airlines, which means a lot to me. Overall, I’m very excited about the partnership, and I hope I’ll have a lot of Turkish fans.

She became a professional
on July 18th, 2005.


Junior Girls Wimbledon Tekler Şampiyonu.
Junior No. 2 In The World
Junior Girls Wimbledon Singles Title.
WTA Tour Most Impressive Newcomer of the Year.