Dear Friends of Turkish Airlines,

Here we are, together again in a new year. 2010 was a year in which Turkish Airlines chalked up a number of successes. From our number of planes and number of passengers to our flight destinations and profitability, we made important strides in every area. We also put our signature on key sponsorship agreements that have consolidated our position as a global trademark. In short, after 2008 and 2009 when the world was wrestling with a severe economic crisis, Turkish Airlines finished 2010 by growing even bigger.

We moved up from the regional airline to the global airline league and are now sixth among the world’s most profitable companies in the aviation sector, eighth in the world ranking and fourth in Europe.  And among the member airlines of the European Airlines Association we stand in top place by rate of growth in the last three years.

We have two powerful dynamics working for us in parallel with that performance and growth. The first, without a doubt, is the impeccable service we offer in every area from flight safety to product quality, which makes us special in the fiercely competitive aviation sector. The sheer growth year after year in the number of our passengers is an important indication of how special we have become. The second important reason for Turkish Airlines’ growth is Turkey itself. The policies Turkey has implemented domestically and its pro-active foreign policy of recent years have made the country a key actor in its region as well as in the world.

In domestic policy, Turkey has taken important steps in the areas of democratization and the economy. Per capita income has risen from three thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. In the area of foreign policy, Turkey’s reciprocal lifting of the visa requirement with close to 65 neighboring countries and its concept of zero problems with its neighbors coupled with its initiatives in Africa and the Middle East are signs that it has become a key actor both in the region and at the global level.
Following a trend in keeping with the country’s own rise on the global scale, Turkish Airlines too has expanded and risen in the world. We believe that rise and growth are going to continue and gather momentum in 2011.

Dear Friends of Turkish Airlines,

As we outline our budget and goals in 2011, we have not swerved from our growth-centered approach. This year 23 new wide-bodied aircraft are going to join our fleet. We are going to open up new routes primarily in the U.S. and the Middle East, and make more flights by increasing frequency on our existing routes. To promote that emerging capacity increase and our new products as effectively as possible, we have gone on the offensive by enlisting new faces and undertaking sponsorship agreements in line with our company’s communications strategy both in our target regions and in the world as a whole. We are the primary sponsor of the world’s foremost two football clubs, FC Barcelona and Manchester United, and Turkish Airlines is mentioned now in the same breath as those two clubs. Similarly, the world’s most prestigious basketball league is now known as the ‘Turkish Airlines Euroleague’. In addition to sponsorships we are also beefing up our global image with new faces. Names like famous NBA star Kobe Bryant and the world’s number one woman tennis player Caroline Wozniacki have become our global brand ambassadors in 2011.

All these initiatives have been realized as part of the long-term road map that we call our ‘2023 Strategy’. Our objective is to take Turkish Airlines to the summit in the global arena by the 100th anniversary of our Republic. Our greatest hope lies in Turkey’s strength and in our dedicated Turkish Airlines employees. As we advance towards this difficult goal, we derive our greatest confidence and motivation from the interest and favor shown by you, our valued customers. We are well aware of the value of that support. As long as you continue to choose Turkish Airlines we will continue to move forward, hand in hand, with all our employees and to advance resolutely along the path of offering even better service.

In this, the first month of 2011, I would like to wish all of you, the Friends of Turkish Airlines,  health and happiness in the new year and a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Hamdi Topçu, Chairman
Board of Directors and Executive Committee