A New Definition Of Comfort

How would you defıne a comfortable flıght? Wıde, comfortable seats that make you feel at home, carefully prepared and presented food, an entertaınment system that wıll make you wonder where the tıme went, flawless servıce wıth a smıle… ıf your answer ıs one of these, then you absolutely must try comfort class.

Comfort Class is Turkish Airlines’ premium economy class on the new Boeing 777-300ER’s that are currently joining its fleet. Already available on three aircraft and slated to be available on a total of twelve by August 2011, this class offers comfort and service a cut above economy class at fares that are far more attractive than business class. If you would like to enjoy a level of comfort and service far above that of economy class at fares far more attractive than those of business class, then Comfort Class is just for you. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

49 centimeters wide with 116 centimeters of leg room, 63 Comfort Class seats will make you feel as if you are flying in business class. Adjustable to several positions with footrests and other special features, they enhance the comfort of your travel.

And of course entertainment… The touch screens embedded in the armrests of Comfort Class seats can be adjusted to any position you want, and you can access a full range of content from the finest films and TV series to games and information services by using the Planet in-flight entertainment system.

You are going to enjoy your travel to the hilt with the wide choice of meals and friendly service offered by Turkish Airlines, which boasts the title of best in-flight food in economy class. Not only that but Comfort Class also offers passengers exactly the same amenity kits that are provided in medium-haul Business Class.

Comfort class seats can be adjusted to many directions. Thanks to the USB and iPod ports at Comfort Class seats you can also enjoy your own music and videos throughout your flight. And GSM and television will soon be added to these features to further enhance your flying pleasure.