Dear Guests,

Welcome to another Turkish Airlines flight. I hope it will be a pleasant one for you.

The board of directors of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) on which I serve is currently bringing to the agenda an issue of crucial importance for the future of the sector.

While the global aviation industry is on the brink of being reborn from its own ashes following the recent difficult period, some countries are imposing additional taxes. This protectionist approaches and attitudes towards taxation and other cost oriented items are making it difficult for the sector to capture strong momentum and hindering the development of international competition. International aviation authorities strongly urge that a more visionary approach be put forward in order to clear the way for the sector.

It makes me happy to announce that while the world is continuing to debate this issue Turkey has emerged as a model. We have witnessed an approximately 60 percent growth in the Turkish civil aviation sector in the last five years. The development in this market, where new players are entering all the time and the existing players are sustaining their growth, has a major impact as well on the quality and diversity of services offered. It makes Turkish Airlines happy to be the key actor in that growth.

Turkish Airlines is a exemplary case in the world for its performance and for the growth momentum it has captured in both the domestic and the global markets. To cite a few examples of its growth, Turkish Airlines is adding new destinations to its flight network by the day to stay abreast of increasing competition in the sector while at the same time making acquisitions and forming new companies to enhance its service quality.

In the background of this great picture that we observe in the civil aviation sector in Turkey are the vision and performance of our Ministry of Transport and of our 60th government under the leadership of our Prime Minister.

Along with the decisions taken and the arrangements being made with regard to opening up the domestic market to competition, ongoing investments in aviation infrastructure and tax and other implementations aimed at lowering airlines’ costs and boosting their operational efficiency have cleared the way for the sector.  In line with the 2023 targets outlined by our Prime Minister, Turkish Airlines is also going to take its place among the top ten airlines in the world by that year.

Dear Guests,
On our country’s combined Youth and Sports and Ataturk Commemoration Day, May 19th, I would like to congratulate our young people, who will be the real actors in achieving our 2023 goals, and to pay my respects to my own mother and all mothers on Mothers’ Day, May 8th. I would also like to congratulate one of the strong young actors in Turkish civil aviation, AnadoluJet, which is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on April 23rd. AnadoluJet was able to offer an extremely economical fare of TL 59 to close to 40 percent of the 11 million passengers it carried during its first three years based on the slogan ‘Let there be no one who hasn’t flown!’. 
Thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines and have a nice flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and Member of the Executive Committee