Dear Guests,
The earthquake that struck the city of Van on October 23 has drowned all of us in deep sorrow. We as Turkish Airlines have
done everything in our power to bring assistance of every kind to the victims. Turkish Airlines considers it a humanitarian duty to extend a helping hand to everyone in need wherever disasters of this kind happen in the world.

Dear Guests,
An airline’s flight network is a key indicator of whether or not it is a global player. However extensive that network is, however many different destinations around the world that airline can take you to, the bigger and more successful it is. We are eighth in the world today in terms of size of flight network. Thanks to that network you can travel now to close to 190 destinations, all with Turkish Airlines’ quality. We aim to move up to seventh with the new routes to be added in 2012. Turkish Airlines today has increased its number of transit passengers by 18.5 percent on 2010. Thanks to the faster and more convenient connections we provide to the world’s major hubs compared with other airlines, more transit passengers are choosing Turkish Airlines by the day. We have taken advantage of Istanbul’s strategic geographic location to make it a hub in every sense of the word. Turkish Airlines makes its difference felt especially on long haul flights, as our 37 percent seat occupancy rate on flights to North America and Asia demonstrates. We are also continuing to strengthen our focus on the Middle East. New routes will soon follow our most recently inaugurated route to Dammam (Saudi Arabia), and we intend to sustain our position among the strongest players in the region.

Dear Guests,
The aim of all our efforts is to make travel better, more comfortable and more enjoyable for you, our valued passengers. It gives us pride and confidence to sense your satisfaction and to see first-time Turkish Airlines passengers choosing us again for their next flight.

In closing I wish you a happy and blessed Feast of Sacrifice, I would like to remember the great leader and founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, on the anniversary of his death, and to wish our valued teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day on November 24.
Have a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,

Temel Kotil, Ph.D.