Around to World at Istanbul Akvaryum


İstanbul Aquarium, an İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality project, consists of 16 thematic environments ranging from the Suez Canal and the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean. The different sections, each with its own itinerary and appropriate decor, also include interactive games, films, sculptures and visual information. You have to be careful not to get a little wet in the Rain Forest section, for example, with its authentic heat and humidity conditions,. The Dardanelles section meanwhile boasts a Trojan Horse, Antarctica a gigantic ice mass, and the Red Sea corals. Not only that but İstanbul Akvaryum also has further fascinating sections such as the Aegean, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Panama Canal, an Ancient Shipwreck and Global Warming. Thanks to touchscreens in every section of the two-story aquarium, visitors can access detailed information about aquatic creatures.

Visitors at İstanbul Aquarium can make a journey all the way from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean following the geography as they go. Each of the aquarium’s different thematic areas includes cultural, historical and architectural features peculiar to that part of the world, appropriate decorative elements, interactive games, films and visual graphics giving detailed information. The sound and lighting systems have been coordinated with each theme, affording visitors not only a chance to see 64 different tanks large and small and the thousands of diverse living creatures inside them but a very enjoyable experience of the underwater world and its myriad surprises as well. 

With 16 different themes, İstanbul Aquarium is never boring, and its new generation technology goes far beyond the usual aquarium experience. Each unit brings new excitement, offering visitors a fascinating and entertaining experience. Boasting upwards of 1,500 different living creatures together with activities along the way, the sheer volume of the aquarium makes it the largest of its kind in the world.  The creatures living at İstanbul Aquarium are continuously observed by a large team of aquarists made up of experts from Turkey and abroad.  Not only that but İstanbul Aquarium includes a 15,000 square-meter care and adaptation unit that enables those creatures to live under conditions very similar to their natural environments.


6800 cubic meters a combined volume of
64 water tank
100 acres of land
22s quare-meter project
1.2 kilometers of walking trails on special themes
15,000 sea and land animals representing 1500 different species
32,000 square-meter parking lot accommodating 1,200 vehicles
Cafes and One Restaurant with a View of Panama
470 square-meter gift shop
2 5D movie theaters offering a choice of 7 films