Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings

The new Lounge İstanbul offers the world’s most spectacular pre-flight.

Finally the long-awaited moment had come. The Lounge İstanbul at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport opened for service based on a new concept developed by Turkish Do&Co. The new lounge’s difference is immediately apparent right at the entrance. If you have a Business Class ticket, you can enter the lounge directly after check-in from a specially created passport area without going through the usual passport counters. This special entrance at the far left end of Ataturk Airport provides a level of convenience rarely seen in the world. In the main international terminal meanwhile a turnstile system operates at the lounge entrance from the area beyond passport control. All you have to do is present your ticket: the system reads the barcode and you enter the lounge. If you are planning to enter using an Elite, Elite Plus or equivalent card, officials will be on hand at the entrance to create a barcode for you. This takes only a few seconds, and then you are in the lounge.

The minute you set foot in the new Lounge İstanbul you will be struck by its stunning architecture. The atmosphere created by the juxtaposition of modern architectural elements with the appearance of a classical dome representing thousands of years of culture in these lands is remarkable indeed. What’s more, the illusion of depth created by the use of mirrors makes the new lounge - twice the size of its predecessor in any case -incredibly light and spacious. Thanks to its masterfully implemented architectural solutions, the lounge offers at once a quiet oasis for those who want to rest, a fashionable restaurant for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking, and a tranquil cafe with soft piano music for those who want to read a good book.   

Gastronomic delights are another priority of the lounge, where the masterful touch of the highly respected Do&Co gourmet catering and entertainment service makes itself felt even in the dishes on offer. Several different choices await you at stations scattered throughout the lounge’s various sections. So many that it is almost impossible to enumerate them all here. Still, we highly recommend that you sample the piping hot soups, that you have an omelette specially cooked for you in the morning, that you try the crisp pitta breads, the tasty hot dishes, and the dozens of beverages on offer to accompany your meal.  Don’t leave either without crowning your gourmet experience with one of the many delicious teas or coffees. A special plug for Demel... Do&Co’s world famous pastry brand, Demel has its own section in the lounge, where you are invited to venture into the world of sweets before boarding your plane. The old adage that the devil is in the details is spot on for the new Lounge İstanbul. Lurking in a corner, an aged olive tree gives one a sense of escaping momentarily to the shores of the Aegean.  You may lose yourself in the quiet of the relaxation room, or be bowled over by the variety of books in the library. If you are between flights and need to freshen up a bit, showers to vie with five-star hotel facilities await you. Computers in two different sections of the lounge are waiting to serve you whether for business or just to pass the time. Speaking of business, it might be hard to believe, but there is even a system for making video conference calls in the Lounge İstanbul. A word of warning however: There are no flight announcements in the lounge. You have to keep track of your flight information on the overhead screens. Our younger passengers can enjoy a fun time in lounge sections specially created for them. Curio City, for example, Turkish Airlines’ unique interactive ‘venue’ with characters Ali, Leyla and the Curioz, has game consoles, activities tables and creativity-developing building blocks to keep younger passengers occupied  This entirely glassed off section enables families to keep an eye on the kids at all times. In short, the new Lounge İstanbul offers a special experience at every moment and guarantees a pleasant start to your travels. A word of caution though: Don’t become so caught up in the pleasure that you miss your flight!