Dear Guests,

We at Turkish Airlines wake up to a busy day every day. Thousands of passengers from every part of the world flow into and out of our planes. Taking off from seventy-four locations in Europe, our planes might land in a mystic town in the Middle East, a rapidly-emerging city in Central Asia, or perhaps in an exotic part of Africa. Sometimes we ferry an English businessman to his meeting in Asia, getting him there in time; and sometimes we see a Turkish family off on vacation to the US. We unite three diplomats, one from India, one from Tanzania, and one from China, in Brussels. It makes us happy to say “Welcome!” to you at more locations that we open to serve your needs… We offer our services to you out of Istanbul, a natural transfer point, with the most effective and shortest connecting times.

We at Turkish Airlines wake up happy every day. This is the happiness of working for your happiness. We want to make you feel at home as soon as you pass through door into the plane. As we work as best we can for you to receive the finest service, we always keep smiles from our faces. Behind the smiles on the faces of our cabin crew and cockpit crew is the experience of years; there is the comprehensive training which we have built and freshened each month. On the smiling faces of our ground staff and support crews is also the same professional training process. At the essence of our award-reinforced service and catering quality is that we can put ourselves in your shoes.

We at Turkish Airlines start every day with pride. On the 22nd of last month, to our joy, our pride was compounded: Turkish Airlines was deemed worthy of the award for “Best Airline in Europe” by Skytrax, one of the world’s leading travel business review organizations. Turkish Airlines has won this award with the vote of 18.8 million passengers—meaning with your kind favor… This award is your pride, our pride as a family of sixteen thousand, and Turkey’s pride. We await many more awards and successes to come… Together…

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.
CEO and President