Julio Iglesias A Life Story In 38 Songs

The Key To Julio Iglesias’s Success Lies In The Fact That He Is The Literal Embodiment Of A Velvety Smooth Voice.

Perhaps to remind old listeners, perhaps to entice new listeners, he sang his best songs again in that vintage voice, songs all the way from Latin America to us. Let us listen then to that life story in 38 Spanish and English songs from the master himself. Every album of yours has a story. But the story of this album seems to hark back to an earlier time. It has only your number one songs, doesn’t it? This album is a look back at my musical career. I’ve been singing those songs again in the last three years. I have my listeners, who never deserted me, to thank for those songs, which have brought me to where I am today. When I was making this album, the songs were reformatted with new technology, and of course a lot more love was added in. Shall we describe this then as a album of appreciation, or is it meant to introduce you to the younger generation who are not familiar with your music? It’s both. Both an expression of fidelity and, as you say, a hello. I want the young people who hear me sing those songs again to say, “Now we understand our mothers and grandmothers better!” Your voice never seems to age in spite of everything. What do you do to preserve it? Thank you. Passion and discipline, I could say. Music is truly my life. It keeps me on my feet. And the interest of my fans keeps me young. When you look back at your career, is there anything missing? Being able to sing songs all the time is a privilege. I’ve been performing for 44 years. Life has actually been very generous to me. I was able to tour the world, I was able to sing for different generations, I’ve been the guest of different cultures, in short, I’ve been able to savor the taste of this world. So, how do you view working with the new generation of musicians? It would be great. A very interesting kind of work. Would you say that your son, Enrique, has taken you as a role model? There was no need for me to be a role model for Enrique’s career. He created his own style. Nevertheless, I’m sure that my work ethic and discipine have influenced him. Do you have any regrets? No. Everything I’ve done has been an experience for me. I’ve had the chance to work with some extremely talented people. We would like to see you in Istanbul some day. And I am equally eager to come to your city. I’m familiar with your country and its people. Please accept my love until we meet again. A CAREER GOING STRAIGHT TO THE TOP Goalkeeper for Real Madrid’s young football team before starting his musical career, Julio Iglesias’s life changed completely the day he was injured in a traffic accident. It was thought he would never walk again, but he managed to get back on his feet. Although his football career was over, he made perhaps the most spot-on decision of his life and went into music. The rest came naturally. Julio Iglesias is among the world’s 15 top-selling musicians today. He has released 77 albums that have sold over 300 million copies in 14 different languages.