Water, Air, Soil, Fire, Love

We are just like a river in this stunning and mysterious world of ours – a river rising in some place and flowing away to another one. Starting from the sunrise we squint our eyes to watch till the sunset we are charmed with, an infinite number of beauties arise. Has the scenery which we cannot get enough of seeing in the spread of the sky crowded with stars every night ever taken you to the eternal realm of questions? Throughout this mysterious thousands-year journey of exploration, humanbeings have learnt to study their environment, have felt the deep enclosure by water, have lost in the great wisdom of air, have created wonders with the miraculous building power of land, have subjected the history under their sovereignty as the only victorious being to be able to control inflammatory flames of fire.

Water, air, soil and fire have accompanied human beings in this long journey on earth and attended them in their travel from prehistoric ages to the depth of the space.

Sapanca evokes such thoughts in our minds...

A winter afternoon of Sapanca. The night is about to descend. Possibly it is a Ramadan night in winter. The city is waiting in trance for breaking its Ramadan fast. The seagulls are getting ready for the night. The candles of theminarets will soon be lit. The ‘Adhan’ will embrace the city like a spiritual cloth. The whole city will be in prayer.

People and their surroundings
Toprak. Her zaman için müşfik bir anne, besleyici ve koruyucu sığınak, verimli toprak.

Earth. Always affectionate mother, a nourishing and protecting shelter, fertile earth.

Fire. The element of passions.
The language of love and passions is fire. We describe everything which gives excitement with heat, flame and sparkle. Poems are full of passionate lines; novels are stories of passionate lovers in a glowing love.

Love. The fifth element the philosophers look for but cannot find for centuries. A magic potion the alchemists lived out their lives to get. A strong rumour has it that love is the fifth element which was first discovered in Sapanca after the four elements of water, air, soil and fire.

Spring, summer, fall, winter, the four seasons came together for man and love was born. Burning like frankincense, love enveloped earth, air, water and all the days of the year in its fragrance at Sapanca. Go when you will, and you will imbibe this fragrance...