Colours Of Japan

Japan is known for its giant metropolises, magnifıcent temples, zen gardens, bonsai culture and vibrant human landscapes. here are some shots of this enchanting island country from the traditional right into the future.

Quiet gardens set amidst the chaos of urbanlife are home to elegant temples in Osaka. And Japan’s charm lies precisely in this contrast, according to a widespread view.

Women in kimonos are rarely seen today in Japan’s cities. Close followers of world fashion, the young people of Osaka represent the changing face of Japan.

A typical teahouse in Kyoto. Performed in a tranquil atmosphere like a mystic ritual, the tea ceremony represents traditional Japanese hospitality.

Tokyo is Japan’s answer to New York City. The city’s bustling avenues become a riot of color and light when darkness falls.

Kyoto’s historic temples are the source of its bonsai culture as well. These temples in their appealing colors were built hundreds of years ago to spread the art of flower arrangement.

The importance the Japanese people place on visual aesthetics stems 
from a deep love of nature. In a land where arable land is at a  premium, even small plots are put to good use for decorative purposes.

The temples in the old capital of Kyoto are famous for their Zen
gardens. Laid with expertly raked and sculpted sand, they are a balm
to visitors’ souls in the hectic pace of modern life.