Dear Guests,
The Holy Month of Ramadan is without doubt one of the most deeply rooted values we share in the cultural geography of which we are part. These precious days spent worshiping through fasting are simultaneously a time when sharing and efforts to get to know one another are at their peak. And partaking in the Ramadan traditions in Istanbul is an experience like no other.

Again this year, Turkish Airlines is offering attractive opportunities for our guests who are eager to experience the exuberance of Ramadan in Turkey. Promotional fares and extra baggage allowances will be available throughout the holy month.The Ramadan Fest 2012 events are being mounted this year with the contributions of several different institutions. In addition to religious programs, concerts, fairs and other cultural activities, the mosques on the Historic Peninsula will remain open, making Istanbul a city where Ramadan can be experienced in all its fullness 24/7. A man of heart, our great poet and thinker Yunus Emre says, “Come, let’s get acquainted, let’s make the job easy, let us love and be loved.” I believe that we as a corporate institution are making the job easier and bringing the faraway near by contributing to Yunus’s message and making it possible for you to fly both at home and abroad at discounts of 25 to 45 percent.

Dear Guests,
Turkey is a region most intensively permeated by the heritage of the celestial religions. And today we bring together people from all over the world - from London and Beijing to Cape Town and São Paulo - with the Holy Land of their own religion via Istanbul.

Our priority is to achieve our goal of being the world’s best airline, offering you better and more comfortable service. we have complete confidence that we are going to reach that goal very soon with the progress and gains we are making with each passing day. And your kindness and support further strengthen us in that belief.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well in the blessed month of Ramadan and to thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines. I wish you a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.