Find The Balance With Macrobiotics

Another beautiful Sunday In Koh phangan, I’m pleased to share some tea and a wonderful talk on macrobiotics wIth my dear neIghbour Daniel, the macrobiotIc chef, feeding us, the Westerners of this ThaI Island.

Almost a decade ago, while working as a chef in the vegetarian restaurants in Jerusalem, Daniel started experimenting different kinds of nutrition such as Ayurvedic cooking, macrobiotics and raw food after meeting with Yoga. Reading the book, Macrobiotics by Michio Kushi inspired him a lot since it was telling about the spiritual value that can be recieved from cooking food with the proper energy and eating it in a certain way, connecting us to the nature in a deep level and to our ancestors. After a while, he felt empty from working in restaurants and just giving people what they want but not giving them what they actually need...

By the way, Daniel was diagnosed with a cancer’s tumor in his salivary gland and his first reaction was to heal it in truely natural methods. He had a macrobiotic consultation in Israel and started a full macrobiotic diet.

He explains the first effects of macrobiotic food on him: “This was the first diet that I went on and suddenly felt the clarity of mind, grounding, focus. I had vitality to do a lot of things, my skin was clearing up. Suddenly I felt the inner strength and confidence that I can do anything. And that’s what Michio Kushi meant by saying “Macrobiotics is realising your destiny in life and fulfilling your dreams.” Because when you have both vitality and the clarity of mind, you’re not drowning in your emotions; you’re able to remember what’s important in your life, what you want to do and do it with an ease. That’s the balance; you’re neither too lazy, Yin nor too ambitious, Yang. Once you get this equilibrium you’re with the flow of life, in harmony with the Universe.”

Immediately after, he went to Kushi Institute where he studied macrobiotic cooking, macrobiotic diagnosis and Shiatsu massage. Then he came to Thailand to continue studying Yoga, started to cook and also teach macrobiotics. This is briefly how macrobiotics became his path. 
After this inspiring story, let’s try to understand the philosohy behind the macrobiotics:

Macrobiotics: Big life
The macrobiotic approach is based on the idea that we are the result of and are continually influenced by our total environment, which ranges from the foods we eat and our daily social interactions to the climate and geography in which we live. Just like Aveline Kushi stated: Rather than being a fixed or limited regime, eating macrobiotically is as flexible and varied as the world itself.

Macrobiotics, the art of healing and rejuvenation, was brought to the Western world by Georges Ohsawa and Michio Kushi from Japan, relying on the philosophical and practical basis of Chinese tradition; especially on the Yin-Yang principle.
Some crucial but practical principles of macrobiotics to keep in mind:
Four main elements that give food the Yang quality are heat, time, pressure and salt.
The more a food is processed the more it gets Yin.
When you have extreme Yin/Yang food, you’ll crave for the opposite; Yang/Yin food because the body needs its balance back. Just like after eating meat, you crave for ice-cream!

Avoid the extremes! Moderate food will always help you to find the balance.
The macrobiotic consultation, is a whole approach including both the facial and body diagnosis from the Chinese medicine; every single detail of the body indicates something. Different physical features of a person indicates what his eating patterns, even what his mother ate during pregnancy. For example, if someone has a connected earlobe, it indicates that mother had eaten too much fruits during the pregnancy and it’s more of a Yin constitution.

A proper macrobiotic diet is slightly more on the Yang side because Yang food strenghtens the body and finds its balance since most illnesses are Yin. For example, cancer is Yin because it is a very fast growing and uncontrolled expansion of the cells. There are also some Yang illnesses such as fever, swellings etc. but they can be taken under control easier.

Caption“The aim of macrobiotics is to cure the illnesses of the soul; but for that, physical illnesses cannot cure. It is after the work of the soul that we can absorb correct foods; and it is this soul that cures illnesses.You have understood that it is not macrobiotics that cures, but the understanding of the Michio Kushi was a strong believer that if a critical mass in the world changes their diet in this way, then there’ll be world peace because people will see the bigger picture that there’s no real need for conflict. The tendency towards agression will be resolved because the awareness of people will change since they’ll have enough clarity to see the polarity of life; to see Yin and Yang in everything and to understand this constant flow...

Macrobiotics is an important key for finding our balance just by understanding the subtle balance of the Universe which is hidden through Yin and Yang in nature, in spirit, in everything.

The Great Life Pyramid

Monthly (optional transitional, infrequent use)
Weekly (Occasional Use)
Daily (Regular Use)

Sea Vegetables: Nori, wakame, kombu, arame, and others, small volume
Vegetables: 20-30 % daily food by weight.
Red Meat
Eggs& Poultry
Fish&Seafood: Primarly whit meat fish
Sweets:Primarily grain or fruit based
Seeds, Nuts
Fruits : Primarily locally gorwn and in season
Vegetable Oil
Seasoning & Condiments: Including see salt, miso, soy sauce and others
Beans&Bean Products: 5-10 % of daily food by weight includes adukis, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, natto and others