The Future of Thinking

There Is Clearly A Need For New Ways Of Thinking – We See Many Contradictions Expressed In The Daily News, And Hear Dreams Of A Better Life Spoken In Private Conversations.

New evidence suggests that we do have the capacity to successfully evolve into a new era where we transcend the irrational inertia of human doing that keeps things the way they have been.

Once the province of philosophers, the subject of consciousness (awareness) is now at the leading-edge intersection of science and spirituality. Research clearly allows us to observe the deep patterns of consciousness, left behind over the past 120,000 years, and offers an optimistic view of the future.

Welcome to the world of Integral Consciousness and the transition towards human being, which brings certain hope into an uncertain world.
The attributes of Integral Consciousness (colour-coded Yellow, Turquoise and Coral) contain the optimistic sense that there is more, much more to come, for our amazing species.

What can we expect as Integral Consciousness grows to inform all human affairs - from child rearing, to professional development, to the design of society, to the nurturance of planet Earth, to the evolution of the human species?

•    Expect to come across more stories of people reassessing what is important.  We will see the pursuit of well-being where less is more, through elegant simplicity.

•    There will be a new unifying story of humankind’s role in this universe and the urgent need to take care of our only home, planet Earth. The focus will be on a long-term viable future for planet and species. Expect multiple bottom lines of Planet, Purpose, Process, People, Profit, Trust and Respect to be adopted in all decision-making.

-    Anticipate the accelerated release of technology beneficial to all life, focused on the provision of basic needs such as water, food, energy, community, information and mobility. We have a long way to go to address the consequences of humankind’s domination of nature and materialistic desires.   A new basic spiritual need will inspire the radical changes necessary -- human emergence will become a new era priority.

-    Observe the emergence of a world in which no one is intentionally left behind.  All people and their respective civilisations, have a journey and a role to play. Spontaneous and responsible involvement will be the hallmark of success.

-    Expect a period when there will be a struggle to put into words the new experiences and needs that are arising. Paradox, change and re-definition will be significant activities of the next thirty years. Every basic assumption about life on this planet will be subject to scrutiny.

-    Expect a gradual re-definition of growth -- a shift from physical accumulation to intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual exploration. Witness a new era being born within you and around you.

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The Characteristics of Human Being
(Beige through to Green according to Spiral Dynamics)
Greater behavioural freedom emerges from left to right


Instinctive / Survivalistic
Instincts and habits to survive
Sole awareness of human species 120,000 years ago


Magical / Animistic
Allegiance to chief, elders, ancestors and tribe
First signs 40,000 years ago

Impulsive / Egocentric
Domination and control
First signs 10,000 years ago


Purposeful / Authoritarian
Sacrifice to transcendent cause, truth or righteous pathway
First signs 5000 years ago


Strategic / Enterprise
Self interest prevails and manipulates earth’s resources for the good life
First signs 800 years ago


Peace, consensus, love for all, and within myself, now
First signs 150 years ago

The Characteristics of Human Being (Yellow and Turquoise towards emergent Coral according to Spiral Dynamics) A major leap in behavioural freedom


Systemic / Integrative
Magnificence of existence valued above material possessions
First signs 80 years ago


Holographic / MacroManage
Unity awareness connects everything to everything else to address Planetary Concerns
First signs 40 years ago

Coral: Anticipated and emerging in few individuals but not yet mapped. A new form of expressiveness that is extended to the planetary level.
Expect first signs in highly stressed life conditions

Integral Consciousness
Studies commencing in the 1950’s have proven the emergence, over the past hundred years, of substantially different patterns of human consciousness. The research clearly highlights many individuals taking a major leap towards new awareness that is aligned with the way all life works. Known as Integral Consciousness,

•     all decisions are based upon the magnificence of existence,
•     where an all-life embracing beneficial abundance becomes a distinct probability, and
•     there is an innate capacity to regenerate and lead our species towards long-term renewal. 

Christopher ve Sheila Cooke, belirsiz bir dünyada belirli bir umut vaat ediyor. Bu karmaşık konuda soruları olan, bunun farkında olan, bir şeylerin değişmesi gerektiğini bilen ancak değişmesi gerekenin ne olduğunu bilemeyen insanlara hizmet ederek bu yeni çağın ateşini körüklüyor.