Dear Guests,
We are already one month into 2012, which is going to be an important year as we begin to reap the fruits of our investments and undertake key initiatives for Turkish Airlines. It gives us great pleasure to come one step closer to our goal of becoming one of the world’s best airlines.

Hosting 32 million passengers last year, Turkish Airlines aims to carry  38 million this year. We have planned an ambitious growth rate of 20 percent abroad and 17 percent overall. In a period of continuing uncertainty in Europe with talk of crisis scenarios, we are anticipating 30 percent growth in the Southern Europe and Africa regions. Our daily flights are going to exceed more than a thousand, and the growth strategy we plan to pursue despite a one percent growth forecast for the European market is going to be severely tested.

We currently fly to 189 destinations: 40 domestic and 149 abroad, a figure that puts us at 8th worldwide among the airlines serving the highest number of destinations. We are going to add a record number of new cities to our flight network again this year, including Mogadishu (Somalia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Novosibirsk and Samara (Russia), Bilbao and La Coruna (Spain), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Aalborg and Billund (Denmark), Bremen and Leipzig (Germany), Edinburgh (UK), Ulan Bator (Mongolia), Kinshasa (Congo), and Abuja and Kano (Nigeria). With a flight network expanded to include 16 new destinations, we intend to make serious progress towards transforming Istanbul into the region’s most vital hub.

Dear Guests,
We are aware that 2012 is not going to be an easy year for the world economy. With stagnation currently plaguing Europe and ongoing growth not only in Turkey but in Asia, Africa and the Middle East means that players in the sector are going to turn to these markets. Yet another indication that a more competitive environment awaits us. However, we are strong enough to realize our ambitious growth targets despite the tough conditions as our successes in previous years sufficiently prove. The constant improvement in the quality of our service and our ability to offer competitive prices are the advantages that will get us ahead in these difficult markets. We will succeed at this against all odds thanks to a strict spending policy that calls into account even a single penny if it does not redound to the benefit of our passengers. Our utmost priority is to create the conditions that provide you to fly more safely, more comfortably and more conveniently. And I would like to reiterate that we are going to continue to work and plan with that in mind. Finally, hoping that 2012 brings you, our valuable passengers, health and happiness, I wish you all good travels and a pleasant flight.

Sincerely yours,
Temel Kotil, Ph.D.